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Wedding Update

Well, I just booked our trip to Vegas for scouting, tasting, meeting and viewing all the locations and vendors we are considering.  It’s going to be a whirlwind 3 day jaunt, on what’s probably the busiest wedding weekend in Vegas since 10/10/10 falls on it.

I’ve loosened up a lot on what I thought I wanted, namely the ceremony location.  I love the Valley of the Falls location at Mandalay Bay:

But I kinda dig the Flamingo’s gazebos,

and the MGM Grand’s Terazza

so after we see the spaces and find out how the packages can be altered we’ll make the final decision.

I kinda hope we fall in love with Flamingo and that they’re flexible with the packages cuz it’s so super cheap!

The aspect that was stressing me out the most was the whole reception issue.  The in-suite cocktail party may still happen, but I had to loosen my grip on the vision I had of it being more DIY.  The Stardust Suite at the Orleans is gorgeous and huge:

But we have to use their catering, and I’m not upset about it anymore, it may cost a bit more, but as long as it tastes good, I’ll be happy.

Other suites we are looking at are the Vista Suite in Mandalay Bay, the Terrace Suite in MGM, and the Apex Suite at Planet Hollywood.

If those end up being spacious enough for our group, we’d go with that, and DIY the food with an outside caterer that is raved about on the knot, and is very reasonably priced.

If none of these options work out, we will do a more traditional option and have our party in a restaurant.  We have 3 in the running that seem to have decent menus and are not bank-breaking. 

We decided to have a fun treat for our guests after the cocktail party and It’s super quirkycheezy and I’m SO excited about it.  We’re going to do a double decker bus tour of the strip, hosted by……you guessed it…. ELVIS!!!

 (Travis Allen as Elvis)

It’ll be nice to see the strip like this and get to take photos and also have a lil seranade by the King 🙂

So, we’ve got loose plans, and after our visit we’ll be able to make our final decisions.

We’re having our engagement photos taken while we’re out there too! So excited about this.  The photographer Kacey seems super nice and I dig her work, and she’s very inexpensive for what she offers. I actually found her via craigslist. Check her out here:

This weekend I’m going to pick up my dress from Davids.  It came super duper early grrrr.  And they left a message like, well, it’s here come get it we don’t hold it past 30 days.  WTF?!  They told me it would be here in November.  ::sigh:: 

I’m just glad it’s in.  Better early than late!  I’ll definitely try it on and take pics, I’m praying it wont need too much work in the alternations department.  Cross your fingers for me!

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Planet Hollywood Apex Suite

Tuesday 14th of December 2010

The Planet Hollywood Apex Suite is wort reserving but it has a wait list of something like 6 months or so. The Signature might be a good choice and Mandalay Bay you just cant go wrong.


Wednesday 8th of September 2010

Hey little lady! It's been awhile; that gazebo is amazing; that would be totally my choice and to be serenated by the King himself? Don't mind if I do!! :)You have got to show up pictures of you in your gown though! Me wanna see it in real life

Kari Keenan

Wednesday 8th of September 2010

So exciting! Let us know which location you choose! :)


Wednesday 8th of September 2010

Your wedding is going to be so much fun!!! I love the idea of a bus tour - awesome. My dress from DB came like 2 months early too.


Wednesday 8th of September 2010

YAY!!!! :) I love all 3 of the possible locations! And yes, better to have your dress early than late. I told you that they were quick. Mine came in in like 2 weeks, it was CRAZY fast. Happy planning, love!

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