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Blog Coaching & Consulting

(OMG Blogging is just SO funny!!!)

Hi friends, and friends to be. I’m so excited to share my new offering with you! I have wanted to teach women how to make a living blogging, even if they have small blogs, for a while. I’ve been doing it “unofficially” for years! I’m finally biting the bullet and making it an official service offering! I’m your new favorite Blogging Coach!!

If you are new to me, my name is Danielle and I am the blogger here at (since 2010) and before that was blogging for fun since 2006. In 2012 I attended a conference and realized I could earn a living blogging and since then I have, and haven’t looked back! I am an intuitive life and wellness coach for women and I am expanding my coaching to offer intuitive coaching around blogs and businesses for women. #excited!

As a blogger I use affiliate marketing, sponsored content (both with blog networks and independent pitching/relationships), social media marketing, ad revenue, service sales and now, product sales to earn my living. I travel the country teaching about blogging and monetizing blogs in various ways. I’ve worked with a bajillion (count em!) brands both via networks and independently, I’ve done press tours, FAM trips, long term ambassadorships, and there is more to come.

I LOVE relationship marketing and the lifestyle that can be built from it and I want to share it with anyone willing to learn from me.


Newbie Blogger Coaching/Consult $450

If you haven’t even started your blog, but you really wanna start strong and monetize from the very beginning, this is for you. Together we will get your blog and social set up. Starting with choosing the right domain name, and niche. We will plan your first few months of content and get you set up with strong SEO to begin strong, gain traffic, build social standing and earn money asap. If you have a domain already, we’ll get you set up with the tools you need to grow and flourish and earn! (If you have been blogging steadily for a few months, this isn’t for you)

Private Blog Coaching Session / General Blog Consult (single session) $250

Are you already a blogger? Good! This is for you if you are feeling lost, under or overwhelmed and just need a push in the right direction, blogging-wise. If you need an overall strategy, guidance, organization/streamlining, and are just screaming “HELP ME! – I Dunno what I need, but HALP!!!” I got you. We will go over your blog, create a strategy, and I’ll answer all your questions on this 60-90 minute call.

Note: I am an intuitive, so if something comes through for you while we are talking, I’m going to share it…#ijs.

Monetization/Pitching Coaching Session(s) $250

This option is for you if you already have a blog and steadily create content but are ready to level up and work with brands more often, increase your income, create services / products to offer, need strategy and/or resources.

This option is also for you if you need PITCHING help. We will craft a pitch letter template that will work well for you long term, and a pitch strategy to get you consistently working with the brands of your choice. This call is usually around 60 minutes.

**Private Coaching Session + Monetizing/Pitching Session Bundle $450 **

Sounds good, right?!

Quickie Blog/Biz Help Chat – $75

If you just need guidance around one small thing, this 30 minute phone or video call is for you. A few pressing questions about your next steps? Need idea generation or vetting, need an angle for that pitch, or unsure how to frame something, I got your back!

Live Video Skills Coaching Session for Bloggers $150

This is for you if you know you need to start doing video but are held back due to fear, introvertyness (it’s a word, don’t look it up), unsure of what to talk about, how to position yourself, tools/equipment required, lack of confidence or public speaking skills, etc.

I will use my professional on-camera background, and video know-how/love of live video to help you build a confidence and comfort in front of the camera (even if it feels like you’re faking it at first, I’ll show you how to make it so nobody knows that part!)

We will create a (live) video strategy that works with your current level of confidence and introvertyness that will grow with you into a successful video plan to up your know like trust factor and build your views, traffic, engagement and sales!

Free tip: nobody cares if you’re an awkward hot mess on live video, they’re too busy feeling insecure about themselves!! Yay! But seriously, what you say matters SO much more to your audience, than how you look saying it.

Email me at or FB Message me @daniellefaust to get this party started!!

Sessions are held via Skype, Zoom, Facebook Video Messenger, or Telephone if you’re not about that video life.


I want to shout this from the rooftops. I would love to take your money and give you blogging advice. Because I love money and I want you to succeed!

However, my style may not be right for you. So I want you to consider a few things when hiring a blog coach:

  • Do they get you – and do you get them?
  • Are they an actual coach or actually successful in blogging/entrepreneurship? #receipts
  • Are they giving to others when not being paid?
  • Do you LIKE them?
  • Are they #goals in some way? #walkingthetalk

These items (in my humble opinion) trump things like pricing or convenience. They speak to character, education, integrity and ability to actually coach. Also, the vibe really matters. Make sure the person gives from love and actually knows what they’re talking about.


Back in…2014/2015 or so, I hired a new blog coach because we were friendly. During the convo they dissuaded me from becoming a blog coach as I’d planned AND by the end of the call I was life-coaching them!! Looking back I realize it was coming from a place of lack / “competition” and just being new to coaching. But, had I not had that coaching call, and taken the comments to heart to essentially “stay in my lane” and not theirs, who knows how many people I would’ve helped transform their business by now.

I say that to say: Learn from my mistake. Choose your coach wisely and take my, and everyone else’s ideas/input in chew it up to see how it tastes, but only swallow it and run with it, if it feels good in your gut. You are your best coach! Your intuition knows the way. I’m  happy to help you tune in to listen to/trust it.


I’m a product of Jamaican parenting. So I’m more tough love and #realtalk (with love) than hand holding and hair stroking. Also, I cuss and will likely cuss on our calls. If this offends you, I don’t think we’re gunna be a love connection.

If I am not the blogging coach for you, that’s totally cool. I know a couple you may want to try, and happy to recommend.

These Testimonials make me sound pretty damn good tho:

Dani Faust knows her stuff. She has been in the business long enough where she can easily apply her knowledge to help you grow and monetize your blog (or business). She is easy to work with, motivating and will be straight with you- something you need if you’re trying to take your hustle to the next level!

— Michelle Olson-Rogers, Founder-

Dani has a fun and bubbly personality. Don’t let that fool you, in coaching she’s honest and direct. She doesn’t let you stew in your own mess. She keeps the focus on your future and your goals rather than harping on things that you cannot change. In my experience, she sees past your roadblocks. She can see things that you don’t even communicate to her. Her advice and coaching is on point and hasnt’ failed me yet. I highly recommend Dani for your coaching needs.
– April Noelle Grant, JD REALTOR –
Dani Faust is a professional blogger and Coach. I reached out to Dani for solid advice on a new business endeavor. She offered sound advice and alternatives. In times past, I have reached out to Dani for her expertise on blogging and how to write product sponsorship requests. Working with Dani is always a pleasure. She is straightforward and I like that. Look forward to working with you again!
— Heather Renee, Health & Fitness Enthusiast @Heather_Renee_Fit

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