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Be A Coach

Do you love helping others? (this is a MUST!)

Are you interested in getting and staying healthy?

Would you like to earn extra income (or replace your full-time income?)

Or would you just like a 25% discount on all your beachbody products? (totally valid reason to join lol!)

If any or all of those apply to you, maybe coaching is something to consider.

My clients often sign up as “preferred customers” for the 25% discount on shakeology and programs, but end up working the business as well.

Coaching Q & A

Do I have to be in great shape?

Nope. Not at all. I started coaching while 9 months pregnant!! Many coaches begin their careers as they begin their physical transformations and fitness journeys. In my opinion, it makes you more relatable and “real” versus “aspirational.” If you are in great shape that works just as well.

Do I have to be a good salesperson?

You don’t really have to be. I’m a crap salesperson. You can be annoying like those wrap peddlers on Instagram lol, or you could just be a normal person who knows they represent a great brand that works, and share about that brand in a natural way. I kinda feel like if you’re just sharing something awesome, and you’re genuine… people are going to want to buy it from you. (If I were on FB every day talking about living an unhealthy life and then trying to sell fitness stuff…it just wouldn’t work!)

How much does this cost me?

This has to be the #1 question I’m asked. You can start your business for as little as $40. Depending on how you decide to sign up, (example: if you purchase a challenge pack) you join as a coach for free! Coaches pay $15 monthly for business costs (your websites and tools)

Can I really make money doing this?

Of course! Some people on our team have quit their day jobs, retired their husbands, paid off mortgages, hit the millioniares club, etc.  And some are just making shoe shopping or phone bill money. Either way it’s OK. (I started in hopes of just making enough to cover my monthly shakeology order and any new programs I wanted.) The amount you make is directly proportional to the effort you put in. I’ve had great months and terrible months, and it’s all because of what I did or didn’t do. ::shrug::

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.