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Attractionista 101

Wanna learn how to make your life feel miraculous?

Need to figure out how to create exactly what you want in your life?

Feeling kinda stuck and want to create change….fast!?

Want tried and true techniques to keep the good stuff rolling in smoothly?

I got you boo!

Manifesting your desires doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be a natural byproduct of you living your life in a more positive, high-vibed way. This class will teach you actionable strategies and the spirit science behind them that will help you bring what you want into your perceived reality quicker.

If you are brand new to manifesting, don’t worry. This is a 101 level class so the information is easy to handle and understand. If you are consciously manifesting here and there and want strategies to make it more consistent, this is definitely for you too.

Advanced manifestors will learn tweaks to current techniques that can help you manifest must faster and easier.


WHO: You + Me! (I’m Dani, Intuitive Life Coach and Manifestation Mentor)

WHAT: A 2-Hour Webinar Teaching YOU How to MANIFEST EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT with ease!

WHEN: Whenever you’re ready. You have access for life! As I add bonus material to the course, you receive it free of charge, automatically!

WHERE: Right Here

WHY: Why not?

HOW (Much): Lifetime access to this course is just $77!


See you soon!

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