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  1. Ash says

    I loved your video on your flat ironed gym hair However, I can’t sleep (It’s 5am) and I just so a commercial for the Save Your Do gym wrap. I wanted to know your thoughts.

  2. Nyasia Lloyd says

    Good Afternoon;

    I happened upon your blog today after following a link from the curlynikki website. I wanted to give you a shout out because I really loved reading (alot) of your entries. I love the randomness of it. It feels honest, you seem like a “real” chick. FYI your husband is a cutie. I liked his responses to the inter-racial dating queries and I loved your “I decided to date a white man the day a cute white guy asked me on a date” Sort of how it happened to me the first time I dated outside of my race….Anywhoo I wish you much luck on your future endeavors and much success in your marriage. From the pictures of you two I dont think you’ll have a problem in that department…..

    • says

      Thanks so much for your sweet comments Nyasia! I appreciate it, and glad you came over from CurlyNikki! Hope to see you ’round these here parts a lot! :) Also glad you could relate to the posts! Talk to you soon!

  3. pelohello says

    Hi Whimsey. I’m a member on the LHCF and I was wondering if you can please do me a favor. Can you please post or let the admins know that I am unable to post or view certain parts of the LHCF website. I have submitted SEVERAL ticket request but no one has responded. I can view the suggestions page, so if you can, can you post this there. LHCF took money out of my bank account w/o my permission and haven’t reinstated my membership. From the looks of things this is happening to a lot of members. What is going on. I really hope the site doesn’t good down.

    Thank you sooo much!!!


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