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Yes, You Are Intuitive!

Do you feel like you may be intuitive but not sure what that even means or where to start tapping into it?

Do you find it hard to make decisions on your own? Asking all your friends for their input before you make your choice?

Do you ever see things and wonder if they’re signs and then brush them off because you’re not sure what the “sign” would even mean?

Do you feel like you’re here for “more” but not sure what that even means or looks like?

Do you want to delve more into spirituality, and feel more connected but don’t resonate with the stereotypical “spiritual gurus” you see all over instagram?

Do you try to communicate with your guides/ancestors/higher self and feel like you’re just talking to yourself?

Well sis, don’t worry, I got you!

Spoiler alert. You ARE Intuitive. You may not believe it wholeheartedly right this minute, or may not be able to say it about yourself out loud confidently today, but it is the 100% truth.

You’re not here by mistake. You are intuitive and this 8-week class is going to help you tap in to your natural power and abilities to live a more expanded life.

We have been so disconnected from our natural state of intuition and connection. It’s been done by design. (F the patriarchy!) It forces the energies of confusion, self doubt, insecurity and a lack of personal power onto us.

The Yes You Are Intuitive program helps remedy all that!

In YYAI we make a shift to have your reality be one of:

  • confidence and security in your spiritual connection and intuitive abilities
  • actively communicating with your higher self / spirit guides / ancestors
  • Making decisions quickly from a “knowing” space
  • Feeling more in tune with yourself and your desires as you move forward in life
  • Using your intuition to assist you in manifesting your best life
  • Tapping in to YOUR individual brand of spirituality and what it looks like for you.
  • Being hella knowlegeable about all things woowoo too!

In YYAI You’ll Learn:

  • What intuition really is and how to use yours effectively
  • How to connect to and work with spirit guides / your higher self
  • Energy systems, your chakras, and how to work with, clear and shift energy
  • All about the “clairs” and your personal psychic gifs (how to read for others)
  • How to use spiritual tools like crystals, pendulums and oracle cards (as an add on, and not a “crutch”)
  • How to interpret information coming to you in dream or wake states
  • Meditations and invocations to assist you in connecting with spirit
  • How to use your intuition for manifesting the life you deserve

This all takes place in an intimate group coaching session with other women ready to step into their power. We don’t just teach and talk on it… we practice and put it into play together!


Here's what past YYAI students have to say:


  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions (via zoom) for energy work, Q&A, and psychic practice
  • Weekly Recorded Class Lessons & Meditations
  • Weekly "Homework" Assignment for individual practice
  • Private Facebook Group for students only (we become a tight little group!)
  • All sessions are recorded and you have them forever!


As a bonus for registering, you receive a complimentary 30-minute 1:1 Coaching/Reading session with me!!

About Your Coach:

Danielle Faust is a dynamic, spiritual life and wellness coach, energy healer, psychic intuitive and speaker based in south Florida. Since 2009, she’s been spreading her brand of healthy positivity across the web and the nation. From 1:1 consulting, speaking, blog and video content, digital products, and now, physical products, Danielle has found creative ways to inspire and promote spiritual wellness to women worldwide. 

A certified life and wellness coach, Danielle helps busy women manifest the lives they have been dreaming of. She has manifested an interview with Oprah, medical miracles, as well as her own dream life and hasn’t stopped there. Her coaching blends brain-based science, psychology and mindset reprogramming with spiritual and energetic modalities for a whole soul approach to healing and growth. After opening up to her spiritual gifts in 2017, Danielle has helped guide women through life on a deeper level through psychic/intuitive readings and mediumship as well as energy healings and reiki.

As the candid voice behind, an award winning lifestyle blog, Danielle's writing can be found across the web on topics ranging from spirituality and healthy living to travel and parenting. Her podcast, Manifest It, Sis!, is her newest platform to help guide women of color toward their best lives in bite-sized episodes ranging from personal development to psychic awareness. 

Danielle has been tapped by magazines such as Parents, Essence, Redbook, Health, Good Housekeeping, Forbes and more for her perspective on all things lifestyle. In her signature “real talk” style, Danielle presents down to earth advice to crowds around the country on wellness topics and online entrepreneurship. 

When she’s not giving it all in her business, Danielle can be found playing with her two kids or binging Netflix with her husband. Visit her at and

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