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Yes You Should Take Your Kids To See A Wrinkle In Time #wrinkleintimeevent

Here is why I’m the worst movie reviewer:

  1. I usually love everything
  2. I usually forget everything
  3. I speak in Danielle language

I’m going to try to let you know how amazing this movie would be for you to take your 6 to 15 year old kiddie to, and for what reasons…but if I fail down below…just remember: It comes out March 9th, it’s good, and the trailer is below if you don’t believe me:

I didn’t read A Wrinkle in Time when I was a kid. I started listening on Audible after I was selected for this dope event. I loved every bit of it and wondered how on earth they were going to make this into one movie!

The main character, Meg Murray (played by Storm Reid), along with her friend and baby brother, goes on an inter-dimensional adventure around and through the universe to try and find her astrophysicist father who mysteriously disappeared 4 years prior. Magical wildness ensues.

I grew up with Goonies, Neverending Story, etc. Now my kids will have A Wrinkle in Time!

3 Reasons to See A Wrinkle In Time ASAP:

1.  #Blackgirlmagic + #RepresentationMatters

When I say Black girl

You Say Magic

Black girl


Black Girl


I sincerely hope you played along right there…

Ava Duvernay (Selma, 13th, Queen Sugar) took on the challenge of taking the whitest book ever and made it a multi culti color extravaganza on the big screen.

As a Black woman raising two Black-identified, mixed race children I was loving the representation in the movie! Meg is multiracial, her mom is Black, her dad is white. Her adopted baby brother Charles Wallace is some unidentified adorable “other-than-white” character. Her friends are white. Her principal is Black. Her school is diverse. And the Magical Mrs are white, Black and Indian. A special red-eyed character is Latino. Can we say, colorful!!

2. It’s Pretty!

Speaking of color….Color was also everywhere in the scenes. The movie was gorgeous! So many grand, sweeping landscapes full of interesting places for your eyes to go. Beautifully constructed sets. Amazing computer animation and imagery. I am sooo not into that stuff, but it was so noticeably beautiful, it captivated you and you just were swept away in the magical prettiness. Wait til you see what Reese morphs into….and wait till you see the flowers!!

3. Powerful Themes

So, while the movie’s premise is a girl on a quest to find her father, it is much deeper than that. Meg has to find herself in the process. Find her strength, her conviction, her courage, her voice. She is an awkward science geek in a hard situation, with quirks up the wazzoo, but she braves an epic adventure like a freakin boss, as a warrior, for a cause close to her heart yet bigger than her altogether.

Listen to me when I say this:

  1. Take your kids
  2. Talk to them about it afterward
  3. Watch it again.
  4. Talk to them again to see what else they noticed the second time around.

This is a movie that offers parents a valuable open door to connect with littles, tweens and teens. It covers love, crushes, family, bullying, secrets, courage, identity, personal development. Moms, USE THIS MOVIE as a tool to connect or reconnect with your kids.

It’s a powerful movie…(I already told yall bout the words!) …and it is a beautiful, well-done, film that kids of all ages (6 to 15 for sure!) will get something out of. Let it speak to your child at their level, and then speak to your child at their level.

Ok…so what are you waiting for? Go order your tickets!! It opens Friday, March 9!!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.