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Share a Smile for World Kindness Day!!


November 13th marks World Kindness Day.

How do you work to be kind to others?

How do you teach your children to?

Here are 3 tips to raising kind children, and inspiring them to share a smile on World Kindness day!

1. Modeling

Show your children what it means to be kind. Model kindness in your home with your family, and while you’re out in public. Hold doors, use great manners, and do good for others openly. Give compliments and kind words to people you encounter when you’re with your children, and for sure give them to your children as well.

2. Recognize Kindness in others

Bring awareness to kindness from others by pointing it out when you see an act of kindness, no matter how small. You can put this into practice even with characters in movies and television shows. Helping your child see what kindness looks like, external to their primary role models brings the lesson home even further.


3. Share a smile!!

The easiest (and totally free!) way to show kindness is by flashing those pearly whites. Smiling (usually) elicits a smile from whoever you shared one with. Smiling has many benefits on others as well as the person doing the smiling!  The saying it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown is totally true!!

Orajel wants you to get your smile bright and healthy for sharing on World Kindness Day! We use the fun toothbrushes and kid-friendly toothpastes with favorite characters like My Little Pony and the Paw Patrol. You can have a “smile contest” with your children after they brush. Last one to stop smiling wins!

Happy World Kindness day!!! (smile)

I’m excited to partner with Orajel™ as a Smilehood ambassador for 2016. Orajel is one of the most trusted brands of pain relief and oral care solutions for babies and young children and we have used it exclusively for Rohan and Kaya from the teething tablets, to the finger toothbrush to the toothpastes they fight over. I’m joining forces with several moms to share about oral hygiene for out little ones as well as our experiences with the brand.

This post was sponsored by Orajel but you already know everything above is 100% me. Visit Orajel’s website to peep their extensive product line and get tips on keeping your children’s teeth healthy so they can smile on!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.