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Why Jawbone UP24 Is My BFF

jawbone up24

I recently purchased a lemon yellow Jawbone Up24 And have not been as happy with a purchaase in a while!

This little wearable fitness device is the best thing since…. I don’t know when..really.  Before buying this, I was quasi-tracking my activity levels with an app on my phone. I would semi-track my workouts, and I wasn’t tracking my food at all.

Full disclosure, while this has the capability… I’m still not tracking my food.

There are a lot of activity tracking wristwear options out right now and I compared a few. I chose the UP24 because of all the offerings, as well as a fun social aspect and an easy to use app.

But the Jawbone Up24 is seriously my new bestie and here’s why:

1. Accurate steps counter

This was the main reason I purchased the UP24. I wanted to know exactly how much I was moving and have some inspiration to move even more. The steps counter is accurate, and oddly encouraging!

2. Sleep logging and tracking

I love that this tracks my sleep! Not just how long I slept, but how long I was in REM versus light sleep, how many times I woke up and for how long. It’s awesome. My sleep is fragmented thanks to Rohan’s crazy little self, but I’m starting to have better sleep now that I’m noticing my patterns.

3. Gentle Mornings

Since I wear the band to sleep it now serves as my alarm clock in the mornings. It’s really nice to be awakened gently by a slight buzzing on my arm versus a blaring alarm ringing shrilly in my ears.

4. It’s Nice to me!

It’s kinda flattering to have your armband and app cheer you on! On the days I am nowhere near my goal, it doesn’t hold it against me. On days I take extra steps or get better sleep, it gives me praise! Who doesn’t want praise?!


5. It’s challenging!

The UP24 encourages you to go further each day and beat your own records. When I finally hit my goal, it let me bask in the glory for a day, before it hit me with the “hey….why not go a little harder today!?” It’s like a good personal trainer!

I also have it set to remind me to move when I’ve been inactive for more than 15 minutes. It gives a gentle vibration on my wrist to tell me to get moving.

6. Helps make other friends

My cousin has an UP24 and we can be social on the app. Encouraging and challenging other UP24 users is part of the fun. You can see how much other people are moving and for me that helps motivate me to do even more.

7. It’s Cute!

I put this last so I don’t seem superficial….ha! But honestly this was a huge part of my decision to choose the UP24 over other devices.  I have super skinny wrists, and I can’t stand bulky jewelry or watches. The UP24 is petite enough to fit my wrist (it comes in multiple sizes) and is sleek/streamlined in design. Other activity trackers are wide and watch-like, but the UP24 is more of a slim sporty bracelet look. Big deal to me (and probably many other girls!)

Overall, super option for anyone looking for a wearable activity tracker with robust options and an easy to use app. How many steps have you taken today?

Do you have any wearable fitness devices?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.