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When is it OK to punch a toddler in the face?


Well? When!?

Just curious.

Cuz I just might knock a lil wretch out.

My kid got bit.

At daycare.
By a lil douchey brat that I truly wanna mollywop up and down Southern blvd.
::deep breath::

So, Rohan’s in school…I told you (sidebar, did I tell you he went to the prom!? LMAO!)

I chose this school for it’s proximity to my day job, and the fact that I can stalk all day long via video camera.

I’ve seen this douchey lil bastard do some messed up stuff: tackle children, lay on a kids leg so he couldn’t get up…

And then do the usual toddler douche moves like grabbing toys, etc. (which my kid does as well, honestly) When I drop off and pick up, all I hear is the teachers calling his name, and telling him no, stop, come here etc.

But I’d never seen anything happening to Roey, except for taking toys, and sometimes Ro takes the high road and chooses a different toy, and sometimes Ro grabs the toy back.

Apparrently, douchbag kid didn’t like Roey taking a toy back one day, and he bit my kid on the hand to get the toy!
I am honestly 100% glad I didn’t see this go down, cuz I’dda been like, “hey boss, I will be right back.” Speed all the way to that school and knock that child the fuck out….

Then wait for his mom to come pick him up… and knock her the fuck out too…. Unless she was a big bruiser, then I’d politely tell her that her son’s a dbag and stay a safe distance away.

So ok, seriously… I was upset. I got an incident report, and whatever, but….what now? This kid is a terror and at what point do they get rid of him??! If a kid is a true problem child, shouldn’t the facility ask the parents to find another place?

So the really terrible part about Roey being exposed to this lil prick of a kid, and other pricks like him, is that he’s now behaving way more aggressively. (and regressing in other areas, bein’ a followfashion baby, but i digress)
So he’s being more defiant (expected from a 2.5 yr old) but also way more aggressive toward me, and even more devastatingly… toward Kaya!


It’s so painful. He has made a couple assassination attempts on his sister, and the poor baby is so small, she can’t defend herself, she just gets hurt and cries. Then I have to be mean disciplining mommy.

I don’t like this new aggression at all.

And I don’t know how to fix it!

I don’t want to have to punch my own toddler in the face too!

How did you ease the aggressiveness out of your toddler??



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Tuesday 17th of March 2015

I just had to move my son for some of the same reasons. Then when he went to the new place he was the aggressive one. We are in week four of the new place and i see a huge difference! At the last place, the little terror took my baby's cup right out his hand and put it in his mouth with me right there and i almost went off! That's when i knew it was time to go!


Friday 30th of October 2015

OH HELL NO!!!! How am I just seeing this?! I got heated reading this. That lil twerp! Is your son stiill doing well at the new place?

Tiffani G. from MyMommyVents

Tuesday 17th of March 2015

We're still working on the fine line between daycare and home. Hide some brass knuckles in his Elmo. Brooklyn, son.


Tuesday 17th of March 2015

Your titles always crack me up. On a serious note I started wondering the same thing because I hear stories all the time from family & friends that work at daycare centers. When do you say enough is enough and boot the offender?! Hopefully you'll find a solution for Rohan so you don't have to drop kick him or so Kaya won't decide to do it one day.


Tuesday 17th of March 2015

AOI loves that picture and she says that's her. Yep, my daughter sees herself in your kids :)

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