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What Is Manifesting?

I get this question so often that I decided to not only do a podcast episode on it (coming soon) but also create a blog post on it. It’s important to know and understand because manifesting is literally who you are.

The ability to manifest is the power to create something from nothing.
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It is the power to bring your desires into reality. Manifesting is the ability to use the power of your mind to create what you want in life.

Look around you. Everything in your life, you have already manifested!

So, Congratulations. You are a manifestor.

Now, the goal is to be an intentional manifestor.

So like I said, manifesting is the ability to create what you want in life by using the power of your mind. You manifest by using your imagination, your thoughts, energy and your emotions. When you focus on what you want and believe that you can have it, you will see results. It is law. It just IS.

Sooo….here comes the real talk: The part that most people don’t want to hear is that your dominant vibration (based on your mindset and self worth) is what truly impacts your ability to manifest exactly what you desire. So when you are able to heal your old mind chatter, improve your self worth and self image, and get to a space where you truly believe you’re worthy of what you desire, it makes manifesting SO much easier.

There is a lot of talk about manifesting out there. What does it mean, and more importantly, how do you do it?

You are a vibrational being and you are ALWAYS manifesting. (Whether intentionally or not.) You create your reality by what you put your focus on and how you feel about yourself.

There is no “wrong” way to intentionally manifest. But….If you want to manifest something, you need to start by raising your vibration and focusing on what you want to create.
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There is no one right way to manifest your desires. Some people prefer to write out their goals and vision for the future, while others like to keep their thoughts more open and focus on the feeling of having what they want. The most important thing is to stay positive and commit to your self worth, self image, and an abundant, growth-led mindset.

I help women manifest from the inside out. We can do the fun, magic, witchy, sparkley stuff… Honestly, it helps boost your mood and energy. BUT…and it’s a big BUT…. What I help the most with is reprogramming your mind, your dominant thoughts, and your habits to make manifestation a “no-brainer” for you.

You are a powerful creator. I can help you remember and embody that. Whether we work together 1:1 or you take one of my manifesting classes is up to you. BUT, I definitely want you to join me in the Manifest It Sis facebook group, and check out the Manifest It Sis podcast at the very least. You’ll learn a lot and get a great baseline for beginning and expanding your manifesting!

What questions do YOU have about manifesting?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.