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Wedding Dress Shopping!

Oh girls.
I went dress shopping today with mommy.  It was a lot smoother than I expected.  I didn’t cry or have a “this is the one” moment like the girls on Say Yes to the Dress do, but there were a couple that I fell in love with.

We started at RK bridal because they were having a sample sale, but they didn’t let us take photos of me in the dress.
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  The one I really loved there was a Casablanca A014.  I cannot find photos of it ANYWHERE on the interweb!  It’s like it doesn’t exist or something!
The next one I loved at RK was this one by Mori Lee:

We then went to Davids Bridal and I tried on one I saw in a magazine and loved.

(if you look in the mirror behind me, you can see mommy in her orange shirt taking the pic hehe)
When I was at davids I loved the dress above the most.  It was slim and not too heavy and felt great, I felt beautiful in it.
I also loved this one below, and in the store, not as much as the one above, but now looking at the picture I feel like this one looks best on me:
The only thing is this dress feels/seems so much bigger than I originally wanted.  It’s got sooo many layers and all this material all over the place! And I would have to bustle the back and I’m not sure I like that look.
In the end it was a great day, productive, I learned what does and doesn’t look good on me, and I was surprised by what I ended up loving.
I didn’t know it takes so long for dresses to be ordered and that the alteration process was so long either, so I’m glad we started looking today since we’re 8 months out. EEP!
What do you think of the dresses?
How long did it take you to find your wedding dress?
And, did you have the OHMYGOD THIS IS THE ONE moment?
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Sunday 8th of August 2010

Look what I missed! My wedding dress was much heavier than the sample I tried on. It turns out that sometimes sample dresses do not have all the petticoats that the final dress has.


Thursday 5th of August 2010

Girl, that's my dress!!! The 2nd DB one, that you think is too big! It looks so different on you! I like that first dress, I'd love to see it on you :D

Pammy Ponders @ Reflectorville

Thursday 5th of August 2010

i love love love the Second Dress. once its altered it will be more fitted etc. its similar to my own apart from the neckline.. so maybe I am biased?! :P


Wednesday 4th of August 2010

I really like the 1st dress from DB that you tried on - with the sash & the brooch. It looks like a boutique dress.

I hate to admit, I'm one of those girls who says "it was the 1st one I tried on". I tried on a TON after, but I kept coming back to Nothing compared and I did have "that" feeling. I just couldn't shake it.

Dani @ OK, Dan

Wednesday 4th of August 2010

Thanks for all the input ladies!

The timing is real screwy, I guess it makes sense that they over stat the time for safety on their end.

Hopfully I'll have my THISISIT moment (and soon!)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.