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Wedding Diet? Not Anymore!

Today’s original post was written days ago.  I was stressed about wedding planning and pushing it aside for 3 weeks.  NOW, it’s a whole new ball game!! We’re ELOPING!! Oh man it feels so good.  I don’t have to plan much, worry about…anything really, and we get to officially be husband and wife that much sooner!

I brought up the idea of eloping SO many times over the past few years or so when John and I were seriously planning for marriage.  John was never really with it.  And then out of the blue my baby said the sweetest words I could’ve hoped to hear (next to, hey, let’s start trying for a baby tonight)– “Let’s just elope!”  ::swoon::

It feels so right, for us.  We decided we’d host a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant for our immediate families when we get back, and we’ll have a party with my extended family down in Florida sometime during the holidays.

As for the actual ceremony, well, we have the worst timing ever since it’s the weekend of 10-10-10.  We hope to have our ceremony on the 9th out at the Valley of Fire and if not then in a pretty garden location.

After the ceremony we will have a fancy shmancy dinner at a restaurant where we can see the strip from our table, and after that it’s a toss up… I say craps and dancing….he says a show….we’ll probably do all 3, it’s our day after all!


Only bad thing, I wish he popped out this great idea a few weeks ago so I wouldn’t have paid for a daggone dress I cannot have altered in time or return. Grrrr.

Below is the post I initially wrote for today….I’m including it only because I re-read it, and completely felt sorry for the poor girl who wrote it.  She was so stressed about something that all her life she was told was supposed to be so much fun.  I can feel the anxiety, hardcore.  Ugh!!


Girls, I put myself on a wedding diet.

No, I don’t mean so I can fit into my dress, I mean a diet of all things wedding.

I want my wedding planning to be fun and not feel stressful or like a burden job.  Lately when I thought about the wedding plans and the to dos I got a little anxious, and when I look on blogs and wedding sites instead of feeling inspired and excited I was feeling overwhelmed and inundated with choices.

I went to a bridal show last Monday and I was just so overloaded and so sales pitched out, I just had to rush out of there!

So that’s when I decided to diet until the day before I go to Vegas for the planning trip.

My secret fear: that I won’t like any of the places we see and any of the options and will have to start planning all over in another location. GULP

I scheduled the vendor visits already and on the day before, and likely on the plane ride out west, I will write out the rest of the questions and concerns I have for each vendor and location.

I am NOT going to stress or think about our wedding til then…however, I will keep reading the blogs of all the awesome brides to be and recent brides that I love to follow.  That’s enough wedding-ness for now.

No more WE though, and no wedding talk with John or mom or besties, and no hunting online, and no…

I think it’ll help.

Ok I hope it’ll help.


Ugh that made me sad just re-reading it for spelling errors before posting!  I’m so glad I’m free from that weight now!!!   Any elopers out there?

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Aubrey S.

Wednesday 22nd of September 2010

I'm excited for you. 10/10/10 is another friend's wedding date too.

Juanita Wainwright

Wednesday 22nd of September 2010

At least you two are still doing everything that you want to do without all the expense.. Saving is always great and hurry up and work on those babies so we can hear stories about that

Kari Keenan

Tuesday 21st of September 2010

I'm so happy for you! Weddings are definitely a big industry, and I feel that a lot of the actual meaning of a wedding (publicly committing to your best friend for life) gets lost in the whole planning and business side of it. I admire you and am so glad you're doing what's right for the two of you. :)


Tuesday 21st of September 2010

I'm not really sure how to express my level of jealousy through a keyboard but I think you catch my drift. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Sooooo much easier and less stressful. I wanted to do the same but it "wasn't an option".

If your heart's not into it - sell the dress and get something that you love!!

Dani @ OK, Dani

Tuesday 21st of September 2010

sssdawna - that sound short and sweet and to the point!! where was the honeymoon?!

Reich - believe it baby! i think i may be able to wear my dress after all!

Britt - thanks! I convinced davids to do a RUSH, RUSH order for me! I meet with them on thursday.

Mrs Green - Yeah money is another good reason to elope, but that was the least of our worries (my worries). I'm glad i'll have that much more to put to savings though!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.