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Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix (A totally biased review.)

My plan was to binge watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix the past two days. Life had other plans for me lol, but I did get through three episodes and will try to make it through one a night until I’m done.

I read (rather, listened to) The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo a couple years back. It didn’t change my life, and I probably should’ve read it on my kindle versus listening, so it’d be in my voice instead of the narrator’s, but the base of the book hit home to me.

Marie Kondo created the KonMari method of decluttering/organizing and “making” a home for your stuff. NOTE: If you don’t know who Marie Kondo is, or have never heard of the KonMari method, feel free to fall down the extensive google rabbit hole… AFTER you read and share this post 🙂

I’m constantly decluttering, organizing, paring down, etc. Slowly I’m getting our home to the cozy minimalist place I want it to be, with only items that spark joy being in our environment.

When I saw Tidying Up come through my suggested shows on Netflix I was so geeked. I am doing my new year paring down and even John’s paring down his belonging too! So far, I’m just 3 episodes in to the season, but I’m enjoying it a lot.

I like it on a voyeuristic level of course, since it’s “reality TV,” but not the “let’s be drunk and fight over nothing” type. I enjoy seeing how people live, and watching human behavior, intuitively watching people and what they instinctively try to hide that the camera catches and we can see ourselves in. It’s kinda beautiful even though you know it’s “reality” TV. Feelme?

I Like Marie Kondo

After listening to the book, I didn’t expect to like Marie as much as I do. First of all, she is a tiny beautiful Japanese fairy sprite woman. Secondly, her posture is ridiculous. Watching her makes me straighten my damn back up. I’m loving just watching her all together. The way she moves through spaces is interesting. I feel like she’s speaking silently to the air in the rooms as she passes.

It’s Spiritual!

So, the way Marie approaches cleaning, decluttering, and organizing is legit SPIRITUAL. It’s beautiful to watch.

Example 1:

She introduces herself to the homes of her clients. And she has a moment of silence in each home where she has clients thank their home for what it provides them. When that part came on I immediately paused the show and thanked my house, then I called the kids in to thank the house too. (Ro thanked it for keeping him safe during the hurricane. ::insert awww face here::)

Example 2:

When decluttering the clothes, she requires you pick up each piece and hold it in both hands before deciding if it’s going away or staying. If it sparks joy, it stays. If it doesn’t you show it gratitude before sending it on its way. (you know I love that stuff!)

So much is about energy and respect. Example: in episode 2 when referring to Christmas decorations, she says never to store things in garbage bags. This hit home for me, because while most of my Christmas and other seasonal items are in plastic bins in the garage, I do have some items in white garbage bags. (Now I have an excuse to go to Target tomorrow to buy bins! – Pray I don’t leave with $400 worth of other items I don’t need…. – I digress.)

It’s great seeing the families have their aha moments after the energy of their home has been changed. Once the clothes and clutter and junk is out, and the organization has taken place, they now have space (real, perceived and energetic) to tackle what lies beneath. #deep


Overall the show is wholesome, not titillating, dramatic or spicy, but is so weirdly satisfying. It’s relatable because everyone has stuff they don’t need, don’t love, and a lil mess, even if it’s just a junk drawer. And if you’re a HGTV junkie you will LOVE the reveals at the end of each episode. If you’re a psych junkie or just enjoy “watching” people (on any level) you’ll enjoy it. But if you’re watching just to get tips on how to declutter and organize the Marie Kondo way, you could really just watch episode 1 and call it quits. ::shrug::

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.