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The Millennium Trilogy

Sounds a bit sci-fi, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not.

The Millennium Trilogy I’m talking about is 3 kickassingly amazing books:

1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

2. The Girl who Played with Fire
The Girl Who Played with Fire (Vintage)

3. The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Have you read the millennium series by Steig Larsson?

Oh my goodness girls you just must!

Book 1
Sets the scene and introduces us to the players.  There is also a dark mystery to be solved that parts two ways.

Book 2
One of the players is wanted for triple murder.  Nothing is as it seems.  Not as heavy as book 1, but just as twisty turny and oh so good with a fabulous ending.

Book 3
Aftermath of book 2 that reveals lots of secrets and lots more twists and turns.

I know I gave you like zero information, but it’s only because I love you and I don’t want to ruin a thing for you.  Once you read the first one, you will LOVE it and get hooked. 

I will say this.  Book one especially, can be a bit rough. It started slow but then…it was heavier than I expected content-wise.  Graphic, but not to the point of total disgust by any means.  Very dark. But so well written that you’re not put off.

Steig Larsson is an awesome writer.  He doesn’t dumb things down for you.  I had to look up a few words even!  He writes to you as if you have knowledge of the history and streets of Sweden.  And forces you to just keep up.   At the same time he makes all the players so rich and multidimensional that you find yourself really attached to them in different ways.  Steig is just so talented.

All three books were the kind of book where, if I’m reading on the subway and I get to my stop, I get pissed off that the train went so fast.  Ya know?  It’s the kind of series that I want everyone to read and get annoyed when people haven’t yet finished cuz we can’t talk about it. hah!

Have you read this series? How’d you like it and which was your favorite? Any good books to recommend?

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Carina the Blogarina

Wednesday 3rd of November 2010

I read them a few years ago, when they came out. They're good! Did you see the movies? It's Swedish, but I'm sure they exist with subtitles. They are excellent! I know Hollywood is making their versions now, hope they don't butcher it. You want some sad info? The millennium series was originally supposed to be 10 books. Larsson had the outline of 10 books drafted out, book 4 was almost done when he died. The family opted not to get a ghost writer to finish the 4th book... sad, I know.


Tuesday 26th of October 2010

I cant wait to read these!

Everyone that has read them is in love! Even my (ex) brother in law! He is a neurologist in Fl. He is very picky about his books, and LOVES these! When he said he liked them, I knew I had to check them out!

Kari Keenan

Tuesday 26th of October 2010

I just put these books on hold at the library yesterday ... and for the Dragon Tattoo book, I'm #1014 in the hold queue. :P Prolly just gonna have to buy the book, cuz it'll be like 5 yrs till I get it from the library. LOL

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints

Tuesday 26th of October 2010

I love love love these books! I haven't read the third one yet... but I really want to!! :)


Tuesday 26th of October 2010

I have heard nothing but amazing things about those books.. I just don't have the time to read right now! :(

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