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The Machine That Makes Anything

machine that makes anything

So, back in 2010 I actually invented two amazing pieces of technology.

Ok…well, I pre-invented them. ::avoids eye contact::

You can take a look here. Those inventions will change your life!!!

Today’s #nablopomo prompt is about what you’d invent….if you knew how to invent stuff.

Since the post I mentioned above, I’ve pre-invented another life changing device. And actually, the only device you’ll ever need.

It’s called:

The Machine That Makes Anything!

Actually, full disclosure, it was John who came up with this invention, but I got the imaginary patent first soo… #snoozeyoulose.

The machine that makes anything does exactly what you think it does. It lets you sit back and relax and spend all your days living fully, exactly as you wish because it literally, makes. any. thing.

Need food? A house? Rent money? A pet horse? Whatever…. plug your desire into the machine, and POOF! it will be created.

Now, some new age mystical spiritual woo woo folks have side-eyed our invention arguing that the machine already exists.

It’s called the human mind.

mind explosion gif

::lets that marinate::

But….my inventing partner John and I decided we needed something much more immediate. Thinking things into existence just takes way too long sometimes. So, the machine that makes anything will pop out your item almost immediately. Plus, no need to work a job you dislike just for money. You wont NEED money. You can get your clothes, shelter, toys, tools, food etc…. all from the machine.

There will be no retail value on this machine. We’re thinking we’ll just create one protoype… then have it make another one, and another, and continue to replicate them and just give them away to everyone we know, and have them replicate more for everyone they know… and so on and so on. No need to sell it, right?

What on earth will we all do with our time once we have all of our needs and wants met?

What a wonderful problem to have!!

What would you invent if you could?

Want one of my machines?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.