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The BC Stack is Back (Until 7/25)

I buy the BC Stack EVERY year. Since 2016 I have invested my little $47 and received thousands of dollars worth of products which has turned into hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for me, and for my clients.

I’m writing this post for you today because I know it’ll have a major impact on you too…if you implement what you learn in the courses, webinars, ebooks, and programs included in the BC Stack. It only sells for 5 days a year. The sale ends Saturday July 25th.


For just $47 here is what you get:

  • Running a Virtual Summit: Starter Kit ($297 retail)
  • Launch & Market Your Online Course ($400 retail)
  • Become a Live Streaming Pro (in just 3 hours) ($55 value)
  • Simple Marketing Formula Bootcamp Live! ($2,000 value)
  • The Ultimate Pinterest Design Mini Course ($47 value)
  • Big Shifts 30-Day Challenge ($99 value)
  • IMPACT course ($49 value)
  • Chad Collin’s Exact Strategy & Framework I Use to Sell-out Events Which Won Me Two Guinness World Records for Ticket Sales!
  • Facebook Ad Profit School ($97 value)
  • Your Client Attraction Map – a live, interactive workshop scheduled for August 15th ($97 value)
  • Lifetime Subscription to Podcast Magazine ($790 value)
  • Instagram Story Accelerator ($94 value)
  • Angus Nelson’s “The 10 Minute Motivator” ($397 value)
  • 6-month membership for the Marketing Trailblazers Community ($210 value)
  • From Blog to Podcast in 5 Easy Steps
  • BLOG BOUNDLESS: How to build a blog like a 7-figure blogger ($97 value)
  • Webinar-in-a-Box
  • Bookfunnels 101 ($497 value)
  • IGNITE VIDEO LIFESTYLE Mini Accelerator How to Create High-Quality Videos For Social Media
  • Halbertizing Program – The Best Direct Response Marketing Training Money Can Buy!
  • Four Ways to Collect Email Addresses Using Free Offers ($300 value)
  • Chad’s “Handling Difficult Client Situations” Workshop + Handy Client Replies Swipes Kit
  • Fast Forward Future – Hidden Secrets to Building Better Products by Igniting Innovation
  • The Smart Marketer’s Guide To Outsourcing Content Marketing
  • Debbie’s Lessons from making $20,000/month
  • How to use product images for your eCommerce store to increase sales 120%+ Mini Master Class
  • SEO Simplified: 2020
  • Creating Printables: Quick Start Course
  • Zero-to-60 with Evernote – Essentials
  • The No Fuss Video Scripting Toolkit
  • Everything Mike BC Stack Special
  • Get Ready To Hire 
  • Wicked At WordPress
  • Mia Moran’s Entrepreneurial Productivity course
  • Easy List Growth: How to Build Your Email List with Partnerships
  • Affiliate Marketing, Simplified!
  • Thriving Core Values Profile
  • Kim’s Work at Home Binder
  • Cindy Bidar’s Funnels 101
  • Really Simple Authority Blogging
  • Legal Handbook for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs
  • Bundle Magic – Turn a Free Bundle Into a Massive Opportunity
  • Self Publishing from the very beginning
  • Organize Your Podcast
  • Essentials of Online Marketing + 2 Bonus Products
  • The Food Blogging Break Out Pack
  • How to Finally Master Your Visuals and Communicate the Right Message Online
  • HARO Backlink Strategy Guide and Templates {10 Page Workbook}
  • How to Add 100 Email Subscribers Every Month
  • Making Easy Printables for Your Audience
  • The Fearless Creator Method Program-Planner and Membership
  • DIY Stay At Home Branding Session
  • Privacy Policy Template + Workshop
  • WordPress HowTo Guides for Beginners with PLR Rights
  • Pin Practical Primer Starter Kit
  • Love Based Copywriting
  • Renee’s “Uplevelling WordPress”
  • Melody Wigdahl’s “Start Your Digital Planner Business Today!”
  • 100 Stock Photos from Sage Media & Marketing
  • Traffic from Tribes Pro
  • Winning Speaking Contracts – how to land profitable speaking gigs and grow your business
  • BC Stack Podcast Guesting Combo Pack
  • Coaching Planner + Workbook: ‘Map Out, Set Up And Price Your Private 1:1 Coaching Program
  • Premade Fully Customizable Social Media Templates for Canva
  • Mindset Before Profitability – Create Your Success Brain
  • Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Deep Dive Into Creative Introverted Entrepreneur Book
  • Emotional Intelligence Course: The Heart of Sales to Amazon

I’m geeked about this year’s BC Stack because as I have transitioned from full-time blogger to full-time coach and service provider, I need more skills and tools under my belt.

I’ve never been a person who’s the “hard sell” type, but this is one product I share about every year as an affiliate (IF you want to be an affiliate too, click here!) and I use the programs within it throughout my year too.

Let me know if you end up buying. I want accountability partners to go through the courses with! Maybe we can make a small facebook group or something to keep each other accountable. LMK!

I’d love it if you use my affiliate link to sign up:

Just remember, the sale ends Saturday, July 25th so buy before then!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.