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I Am Enough with Storm Reid #WrinkleInTimeEvent

Kaya scares me. She is 3 years old with a smart mouth. She wears size 6 clothing and has an 11.5 shoe. She is almost as tall as her brother and just as fierce. She jumps, runs, fights, hides, crashes cars, gets dirty, sword fights, plays sports as often as she feeds her babies and dances ballet around the house clutching her ponies. I often wonder what she will be like as she grows up.

At our Wrinkle in Time movie event, we got the opportunity to interview the young actress who plays the main character, Meg. When 14 year old actress Storm Reid walked into the interview room, long limbs, slim frame, multiculti skin and hair, and huge smile, my mind instantly went to my baby girl.

I’m very nervous about parenting through the teen years in general. I remember what a monster I was. (sorry, Mommy.) And with Kai telling me she wants “everyone to take her photo” and she wants to “do doc mcstuffins commercials all day,” thoughts of opening her up to the entertainment industry make me extra nervous.

Storm unknowingly put me a bit more at ease about it all during the interview. She was so professional, poised and polished. Thoughtful, interesting, sweet, and still a 14 year old girl. I am glad Kai will have a multiracial (yet, unapologetically Black!) role model in Storm. She’ll see girls who look like her leading movies, and sci-fi adventure movies, at that!

In the interview we asked her what she learned or what surprised her about playing the character, Meg Murray. She said:

I wouldn’t say I learned anything different, but I did learn that I am enough. Of course, my mom taught me that and instilled that in me, and I’m pretty confident. But just being Meg and experiencing that and going through that journey with her where she doesn’t feel that way about herself and she has to embrace the light from within to become that, it really helped me do the same and really reassure that I was enough and that I am worthy of being loved. I do have faults and challenges, but that can’t stop me.

I feel like that was the biggest lesson I learned. I say that me and Meg grew up together because Meg is growing through the journey and then I was her, and I was growing as Storm as a teenager.

See? Don’t you just love her?! At 14 I was riddled with insecurity and had no idea how “enough” I was. Storm is definitely on the right path, and here to stay. Watch out hollywood!

I don’t know how Kai is going to turn out, but I’m grateful I had the opportunity to meet and interview Storm Reid. Her parents are doing a great job with her, and she did an amazing job in the movie. I am definitely going to pour into Kai so she knows she is MORE THAN ENOUGH as well!!

Here’s the trailer of A Wrinkle in Time:

Be sure to go see it when it opens, March 9th. It’s perfect for kids aged 7 to 14 and kids at heart, like you and me. Right? 🙂

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.