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Shoott Photography Review: My Family’s Experience

This Shoott Photography review is sharing my family’s experience, and a few tips for you in the event you end up booking one. The ads are all over social media so you may have already seen them floating around. I never know whether those IG and Facebook ad products and services are really good, and I didn’t know anyone who had done a Shoott Photography session before, so here’s my full review to help you make the decision for yourself.

Shoott Photography Review

Shoot Photography ads were stalking me on Facebook. I clicked through the link and looked around the site a few times, which means they only stalked me harder afterward.

I was intrigued by the ad claiming you get a free shoot and only pay for the photos you wanted to keep. I assumed each photo would be $50 or some trickery like that, but I finally gave in and scheduled a shoot with Shoott.

I’m so glad I did.

Shoott offers a 30 minute, outdoor photoshoot with a local photographer. I was nervous that we didn’t know who our photographer was or what the quality of their work was beforehand. Luckily, a day or two before the shoot, my photographer texted us to confirm and provided his website so I could check him out. Had I not liked his work, we would have been able to cancel with no penalty.

I booked two back-to-back 30 minute shoots and had to pre-pay $75 (to protect photographer against a double no-show) and the fee would go toward photos, or be returned to me if I didn’t like any shots. Sounded fair enough.

We arrive at our shoot location and got to watch the end of the shoot ahead of ours. Looked awkward AF and I got nervous all over again. I realized I’d have to use my experience in front of and behind the camera to get the shots I needed.

The photographer was a sweet kid, talented, and offered location ideas with cool backgrounds. But, I was the producer, setting up shots and had to continually ask how much he was getting in the frame so I knew how to set myself and my family up for the shots. He contributed cool ideas after he realized I was going to be hands on and it turned into a collaboration toward the end.

My kids are hard to wrangle for photoshoots. I was just glad Rohan didn’t run off and actually stayed to be in them. We got lots of great shots of us as a family, the kids alone, John and I alone, and then the second half-hour shoot was just for me to get headshots and promo pics for my new website.

The shoot is outdoors and we were in the Worth Ave area of Palm Beach (high end ish area) so I did a quick wardrobe change in our car between takes.

We got a ton of good shots. I didn’t look at any during the shoot because my goal was to get as many as we could to have variety. I was trusting the photographer to really do his job well.

A few days after the shoot we received our image gallery to choose the winners. In total there were 377 to choose from! Because I booked the back to back, they lumped it all together and I was able to get ALL the images for $220.

So the pricing goes like this:

  • Each photo is $15
  • Ten or more photos is $12 per
  • ALL photos is a flat rate of $220

I expected to pay $440 to get the images from both, but they put it together for me which was pretty dope. I don’t know if that was Shoott who did it, or my photographer lumping them all together for me, but I appreciated the savings!!

If you are considering booking a Shoott shoot, I say go for it. You truly have nothing to lose except a half hour of time if by some chance you cant find one image you like.

Suggestions for Your Shoott Photography session:

  • Book earliest or latest time slot option vs noon when the sun is going loco
  • If you want to change clothes, stay near where you parked OR wear layers so you can start with blazer on, then go down to button down only, then go down to say a tank top. KWIM? (alternatively, you can bring a light sheet or towel to change behind in a corner or alley or something lol) This all depends on your location of course.
  • Check out your photographer beforehand
  • Have lots of ideas for shots in mind. Don’t depend on the photographer to pose you
  • Bring a friend if you can. Don’t depend on the photographer to style you or tell you your smile looks weird or hair is messed up or anything like that.
  • If you wear makeup, bring powder to reapply and if not changing clothes maybe bring at least a different color lipstick to switch things up a bit.
  • If you are doing a family shoot, make sure your kids are well fed, well rested, or in our case: well bribed. 🙂

This is my affiliate link to Shoott so if you do choose to book a session, I’d appreciate you using it.


  • A free shoot. Literally. You have nothing to lose
  • Access to a local photographer you can work with later if you choose
  • Short and easy shoot that’s quick but productive (our photographer said he thinks they want them to take 60+ shoots per half hour)
  • Can book back to back if need be
  • Constantly offered, just check the site HERE
  • They give you HUGE file sizes so you can make a canvas print for your wall if you’d like, or resize smaller for web use.


  • You get photos that have already been edited.
  • You may get a photographer you don’t gel with
  • Speed may sacrifice quality depending on the photographer (Ours was pretty good, but there are several out of focus shots that would be perfect with a tiny tweak ….i’m still using them tho lmao)
  • It’s outside and Florida is Hot AF (we were sweaty messes and I had to keep wiping my greasy face.)

The editing of my photos is truly my only gripe. I lowkey wanna reach out to the photographer and see if he can’t send me the untouched images (if it doesn’t breach his contract or anything). Lighting and editing Black skin is an art. And it is difficult for many people especially when they’re in photos with light skinned people. Throwing on a filter and calling it a day just aint it.

So, there you have it. My full Shoott Photography Review. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them!



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Thursday 14th of October 2021

Thanks for the review of Shott! I too was scared to book, but I have done so. You are so right about working with dark skin. My worry is that the pics will not be edited to my liking. We will give it a try! Thanks


Friday 13th of November 2020

I came across your post I was searching to see if Shoott is a scam, after I had two friends recommend them and went ahead...I had thought the same as you...that it was no risk...but I had a session done on Sunday in NYC...I don't like ANY of the pics at all unfortunately and they are still charging me the $75...the company has no phone contact it's only by email...I don't want to co tact the photographer directly about this but I do have his number.


Friday 20th of November 2020

Sorry you don't like the photos. They'll reverse the charge. If you've already emailed, I'd say text the photographer and ask them for a contact number. I hope you find a company that you love and works well for you!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.