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Running for Vibranium with #runDisney Virtual Race Series 5Ks

I’ve shared here that running is my soulmate workout, and how I always come back to it like my first love. However, I’ve been running less and less as each year goes by. Every now and then I’ll do a 5k (the color vibe was a lot of messy fun) but I have been very low on running mojo lately.

My ‘go to’ for those looking to get running motivation back is to have a run-related goal. Specifically an active goal, so you’ll focus on the running and not a byproduct of it. Meaning, a weight loss goal, or other physical goal isn’t enough. A pace goal, finishing time, or distance goal works though.

I was a sprinter back in HS and college, but since then I have only done short/light runs for fun sporadically. I decided to get my running motivation back by signing up for a half marathon. This is huge for me because I never run long distances on purpose. I’d never even done a 10K (6+ miles) let alone 13. John joined me for the half. He trained hard….and he beat me!

(If you are looking for training plans check this out)

We completed our first half marathon and I feel like I’ve been bitten by the race bug! I don’t know who I am anymore! I swore I was “one and done” with this crazy half marathon idea, but I’m already looking forward to another. I’m eyeballing the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon later in the year. John is my kinda crazy because he wants to do it too.

We’ll be doing a 5K or 10K every month. This “forces” me to keep my running mojo. I’m already set for local races in April and May and just found out about Disney’s Virtual Race Series of 5Ks happening in June through August!

I’m literally running for “vibranium” because August’s race theme is Black Panther and this is the medal:


Now, these races can be done right in your hometown! No need to travel to disney for these 5Ks. You can use a treadmill, your street, or a trail near you.

Registration is open and you can get full deets at I already told ya about August, but June’s theme is Captain Marvel and July is Iron Man. (The themes are to celebrate 80  years of Marvel!)

In the runDisney Virtual Race Series, participants receive a digital race bib (you can print and wear when you race or just have it as a memento) and a finisher certificate. Participants who sign up and complete all three races will earn a bonus Marvel 80th Anniversary medal and commemorative item. (The item is secret for now tho…but as soon as I find out I’mma tell ya!)

John and I are excited to keep our running mojo alive with the Disney runs. Do you think you’ll give em a try!?

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Are you a runner?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.