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3 Easy Ways to Get Back to the Mat #myprAna

Yoga is my on again off again boo thang. When we’re on, all is right with the world. The birds are chirping, sun is shining and everything is grand. I’m happy, energetic, bendy and light. When we’re off, I’m miserable, stressed out and tight. Right now we’re on, and it’s treating me so nicely, and I’m all in love. Thinking about it when I’m not at my mat. Looking for ways to be around it, like reading Yoga magazine, looking up nearby studios to try out, and writing blog posts like this one, lol.

If you are on again off again with yoga, also known as a “yoyo yogi” (ok that’s not really a thing, I made it up) then here are 3 easy ways to get back to your mat:

Write for Motivation

Write a list or journal entry about how you feel when you are steady with your practice, or write out the benefits of yoga for you, personally. Be it physical, mental or emotional, write it all out and read it to yourself before heading to your mat. Also write how you feel about yourself when you’re steady with your practice? Proud, confident and strong, perhaps?

Make it New

Shake things up with a new class. If you practice on your own at home, try taking a class at a studio. If you use youtube instructors, watch a different instructor’s channel. Try bikram if you haven’t, or take an aerial class instead of your usual vinyasa flow. Doing something different will help renew your love for yoga and get you back to your mat more often.

Incentivize Your Practice 

This is my personal fave. I incentivize my practice with treats! It can be a salad at Panera after I hit 3 classes a week, or a new pair of yoga pants after perfecting a certain inverted asana. I respond well to goodies…lol.

Recently got a chance to try PrAna’s eco friendly line and was really impressed with the quality, construction and fit. I thought they only had organic cotton and hemp yoga clothing (click here to see why organic cotton matters), but they have items for everyday wear as well. (lookit)  I selected a cute top (2-layers, flowy top layer and fitted underneath) and patterned capri leggings.

prAna is a brand I can feel good spending my money with because they’re a company that’s planet friendly and cares about their impact.

Use my 15% off coupon code and save some dough if you’re jonesing to try them out too: S17BLDF


Sleep with your mat at the foot of your bed.

Not on the floor in front of your bed, but legit right below where your feet are on your bed. (or rolled up and under your knees for support) So when you wake up and are making your bed, you have to move it. It’ll remind you to plop it on the floor and do a round of sun salutations at the very least. (prAna has some gorgeous sustainable mats too….IJS)

How do you get back on the yoga bandwagon?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The bLink Marketing Network and prAna. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Stephanie Felder

Tuesday 8th of August 2017

Yoga has definitely been My on again off again love affair. I really need to get back to a weekly or daily practice. Thanks for these tips.


Tuesday 8th of August 2017

My pleasure, I hope one of them work well for you! What style of yoga do you do?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.