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Potty Trained, Teething, and Easy Goals #MindRightMonday

first school picture 2 year old
Roey’s lookin at the camera like I’m lookin at this Monday Morning…. ::sigh::
(But seriously, how funny is this pic, poor kid…)
Happy Mind Right Monday….
How was your weekend girls? Hope it was relaxing and fun. Mine was gym, errands, family, errands, work.
My Rohan is almost potty trained!! He’s all good during the day. Waking up dry from naps, in underwear all day! Only one accident in the past week! At night he’s in pull ups.
My Kaya has been gaining her little courage bit by bit and this past week started walking, like legit walking, no hand holding for “safety” and she’s just on the move! (check the vid on instagram)
She’s also teething and is cranky with a low grade fever.
teething cranky toddler
My poor lil Kayabear.
I’m taking it easy on myself this week.
  1. Love on my kids all I can
  2. Keep eating cleaner
  3. Put paint samples on the wall and make a decision
  4. Clean the house up (Starting my Flylady stuff again)
  5. Move each day (I’m doing 21 Day Fix workouts again)
  6. Straighten my hair
I’m super grateful for:
  • My wonderful family and friends.
  • Day jobs
  • The interwebz and making money from it.
  • Rohan being semi-potty trained
  • Kaya walking!
  • Roey’s new school he’ll be starting on Thursday (random start, I know)
  • Game of Thrones ::look::
  • Abraham Hicks
  • Coffee
  • Coaching and being coached
  • Flylady
  • Resolve carpet cleaner and washable crayongs
  • Freedom of choice
  • This laptop
Your turn!! Happy #MindRightMonday

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Sunday 3rd of May 2015

I want to try the 21 Day fix just for the portion control. Portions and sweets are my weakness! Yippee on the potty training. I sure hope to get there soon because diapers are expensive and having to buy for 2 is just crazy.

Congrats to your little Walker. It's on now! Boo to teething. Ugh I hate it.


Monday 13th of April 2015

Goals: Start stretching/ yoga/ pilates Cont. experimenting with clean food recipes

Grateful: Husband Fab weekend which hubby planned Parents Fur babies

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.