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How the Nike+ Running App Improved My Marriage


I took 3 weeks off from running. I didn’t realize it was that long until I logged into my app Monday before my run and it told me. It also told me my husband was miles ahead of me for the month of April (5.31 for him…and 0 for me) so I had to step my game up. I realized then that the Nike+ Running App has improved my marriage on the low.

I’ve always loved running had the Nike+ Running App on my phone for years…and I barely used it. I would track maybe one tenth of my runs. It was a cute tool and all, but… meh. Then John got it…and he was all gung ho, it made him run way more often…which I was happy about. I still barely used it. Recently I’ve been using it more because of the 5K I’m running at the end of the month…but it wasn’t until John lost his mind and challenged me to a mileage competition that I started using it more regularly…

The Nike+ App led to a few goodies in my marriage:

The Challenge – like I already mentioned, poor John has the notion that he can beat me in miles. He lost March. He’ll lose April… and every month coming. We’ve known each other since 2000. He musta forgot that this is my alter ego:


Running together – we’ve been finding ways to get our schedules (and child care) arranged so we can run together which is always nice. We used to run together back in our Washington Heights days through Ft Tryon park uptown so it brings back nice memories for me.

Race together – In a few weeks we will cross off a longterm goal of ours – to run a race together. We’ve talked about it a bunch in the past but never registered for one together. It’ll be John’s first official 5K.

Future planning on Johns part – So…in our family dynamic…I’m the planner. I’m the finder, researcher, worrier, “what if-er”… and John’s the.. “hey man, let’s chill, everything will work out…let’s cross that bridge when we get to it” guy. Thanks to the renewed running/racing fire lit in his ass by the Nike app, John actually planned ahead for something for the first time….ever. He looked up a future event… by finding 10k for us to run several months in advance!!

fred sanford

More communication – John and I have daily check-ins just to fight w/ each other and tease each other about who’s winning in miles. It’s all in fun, but it’s nice to have another dynamic to our talks.

BONUS: Now he cant get mad at me for buying sneakers/gym clothes 🙂 Nike+ App always asks me about my sneakers… I gotta upgrade more frequently now so I can answer the app!

Nike+ thank you for existing. You’ve brought my husband and I closer through something I never would have thought we’d bond over. And you’ve brought me closer to cute gym clothes and sneakers. #winwin

If you download the Nike+ Running app on your phone (iphone & android) add me as a friend so I can whoop you too lol.

Has something random ever improved your relationship? 

Do you run?

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Candyce Nicole

Thursday 21st of April 2016

I bet if I logged into the Nike+ running app on my phone, it would say "Where yo ass was at?" *Drake voice*

I was using it to get into running, but I let life and excuses get in the way. I need to do better in life!


Wednesday 13th of April 2016

I was immediately drawn to this post, because I too am a Nike + app fan. (I also love the NTC app by Nike and try to convince everyone I "run" into to use it too )! I enjoy being able to keep up with friends via the app, and I think it is so awesome that you and your husband have grown closer using it together. I wish you the best on your 5K and 10K races coming up!


Thursday 14th of April 2016

Thanks! Yay, glad to find another fan of this appl I'm going to have to try out the NTC app now...thanks! Thanks for the good wishes on our races... when's your next race?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.