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My Toddlers’ New Year Resolutions for 2016


You know I’m all about personal development, so I do work with Rohan and Kaya to cultivate a mindful, positive, goal-oriented mindset. At dinner we go around sharing what we’re grateful for (Last night Ro was grateful for “bug juice” and Kai was grateful for “Pam” our aunt.) We also tried working with the kids on what their resolutions for the year would be. I explained to them that at the beginning of each new year, we try to set intentions and goals for how we will behave in the year ahead… any changes…etc…

Here is what the children told me….verbatim:
We resolve to be kinder to each other.

We will not kick, hit, shove, bite, poke, strangle, sit on, breathe on, lick, look at, or otherwise torture each other in 2016. We know how much it disturbs you mom…hence you photographing us for Daddy to see before saving us from each other.

20150929_182228_84th Ct N

20160103_171754 mean

We will let you take nice photos of us.

We will not go crazy when you say “say cheese,” or start bouncing around when you whip out the camera knowing that we were still as a statue a few moments earlier. We know you just want to document our lives for us for later, and we appreciate it Mommy. ::hug::



We will happily and gratefully eat ALL the food on our plate.

We wont whine, cry, call it poop, throw it at each other, or sneakily slide it to the ground as if you can’t see. We also wont attempt to sneakily slide our bodies down the chair or pop out of high chair like a jack in the box. We will end our hunger strikes and eat what you give us with no problems. Thank you for the yummy food mom. We love you.

20151214_165752 20151202_105541

We will keep our playroom clean.

We will respect the effort you put into cleaning it up all.the.daggone.time. and will not throw parmesan cheese, cocoa powder, baby powder or puffs around the room coating our bodies and every toy and the carpet with it. We certainly wont laugh maniacally like evil villains while you, our sweet, loving, doting mother vacuum and clean up behind our no good asses. Have we mentioned, we love you Mommy? Very much so.





I really hope they stick to their resolutions…. 

Did your kids make any new year resolutions for 2016?

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Thursday 7th of January 2016

This is cute and hilarious! Please let us know how they do throughout the year :)


Wednesday 6th of January 2016

Hahahahaha! Yes. All of these. I'm going to go tell my two rugrats what their resolutions are right now!

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