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My Phone Has Changed My Life

So…I will keep a phone until it literally dies on me. I had a non color, annoying, keyboardless phone for AGES. Then I upgraded to a phone with a pop-out keyboard that died in like..under a year. Then I got my latest phone that I had for a few years that has been dying a slow death since….5 minutes after I bought it.

That phone, an LG somethingorother finally took its last breath a bit over a month ago and I was forced to buy a new one. I debated on getting an iphone, or the newest fanciest phone out there…but I settled on my new best friend, baby daddy, and sister girl:

The Samsung Galaxy S3** (Yes, 3, not 4)


Well, in very scientifical terms, this is what sold me on the phone:

  • big ol screen
  • pretty color (yes, seriously. #dontjudgeme)
  • not an “i” – i have no apple products, why start now?
  • hd camera/video w/ selfie feature (which i use as a mirror to check for food in teeth daily)
  • low price – well “low” is relative, but much lower than the 4
  • still relevant hardware/software-wise so wont “need”  a new one for a while

Did I lose you with all my technical jargon? 🙂

Well, I am supremely happy with the phone and am really glad I bought it. As a blogger, social media connectivity is super important and for the last year, I was like the unsocialmediaish blogger. My phone frustrated me so much, took such poor quality photos and passed out on me so frequently that it was ineffective and I’d frequently leave home without it. I’d never get texts and the touch screen worked only on full moons it seemed like.

But my handy dandy Galaxy is kicking ass with social media and other things.

Here’s how my phone has changed my life:

  1. I get my ideas down when they pop in my head w/o needing a paper & pen – I LOVE the voice recorder and the notepad
  2. I made new friends – OK so maybe they’re just twitter friends, but that’s how relationships are formed. I can tweet like the dickens now.
  3. My old friends hate me less – I used to get texts like full weeks after they were sent (if I get them at all), and I couldn’t do group chats which annoyed the hell out of people, and oh yeah…I wouldn’t text because I’d press a and a z would pop up on the screen. UGH
  4. Roey loves me more because he now has a cell phone he can chew on and bang on things – the old phone in its otterbox is one of his favorite teething toys
  5. I take more photo and video of Roey. My family in Florida loves the frequent baby updates
  6. I feel “cool” now that I can be on instagram, twitter, and keep up with the young kids of today. 🙂
  7. I have space on my memory card so I can listen to music/books when I work out.
  8. The internet is speedy so I can actually google something in a rush
  9. Candy Crush is always at the ready (#judgemeifyouwanna…justsendmealifefirst)

Do you have a gadget that you just love? What kind of smart phone (or stupid phone) do you have?

(**I ended up giving my S3 to my mom and using the S4 a few months after posting this when John got two of them on sale for a penny at costco!)


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.