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May Changed Everything

This photo has exactly zero to do with ANY thing in this post. 

It’s legit practically Mid-May already. It sneaked up on me you guys!! I probably say that every month…despite being a planner junkie…but I really mean it every time I say it! haha.

My mommy‘s birthday is this month, and mother’s day…so she makes out like a bandit on the gift front!

PS: What do you want for mothers day? I think I just want a spa day or something… Oh yeah, and this thing.

May is bringing a lot of changes my way.

1. I am like totes psychic now. (Not even kidding)

2. I am putting on digital and in person conferences and summits

3. I am doing solo online “talk show” stuff

4. I am going to be homeschooling Rohan for 1st grade

5. I’m kinda returning to acting/on-camera work!

So, about the psychic thing.

I will have to do a full post, but suffice it to say, I have been running scared from my clairs for a while and now am embracing them, learning how to use them properly and develop them (and develop myself more) so I can help people on a deeper level with my intuitive coaching. I’ve been doing readings and you guyzzz…it’s the coolest most fulfilling thing.

About the summits/conferences:

Recently, after seeing several wellness conferences come down my feed with exactly zero speakers of color…in 2018… I said eff it and decided to create my own thing.’s Wellness Summit was born about 2.5 weeks ago. (Yes, it is called, but all are welcome. Think of it like Hispanicize. You know the main audience, but any and everyone can attend.)

If you would like to submit to speak at the digital summit, Click here to fill out the Speaker Submission form.

If you would just like to stay in touch about and the summit…click here to join our list.

About the “talk show” stuff:

My boo Brittany and I are taking a breather from our GirlTalk show and, being that I was voted most likely to host a talk show in high school, I figured I should just do my own and let it coincide with the new project!

If you would like to submit to be interviewed on the HappyBlackMoms online talkshow, click here to submit the info sheet.

If  you’d like to submit to be interviewed on Let’s Be Best Friends, (this is for you if you are not a mom or not Black or dont identify as female) click here to submit that form instead.

As for homeschooling….

Yowza. I am nervous. For realsies. But it’s fading…slowly….as I come to terms with how solid the decision really is. I have 2 more schools I want to check out for Roey and if neither wows me….or they cost $30,000 per semester or something crazy then it is a definite go. Nerves are there, but I am also excited, and it seems he is too. I made his “curriculum” and he helped!

With the acting thing…

I have thought about this for a while. I loved being in front of the camera and on somebody’s stage. Randomly at Mom 2.0 I  filmed an interview for a documentary, and also booked a commercial outta nowhere. I’m never too far from hamming it up anyway, so it’s only natural that I go back to my training. I put a snippet of my resume up, my theater credits aren’t listed, but most of my other stuff is. I have to finish up. Excited to see where it leads tho.

So yeah…my life is taking a bit of a change in path.

I am okay with change…for the most part…i think…kinda sorta…maybe…not really….nah…notevenalilbit….*GULP*

I asked my facebook friends how they handle change and they said:

Jenn Gerlach As a military family we had to learn to adapt tochange in ways I never expected. One thing I learned to make it easier is to embrace life to the fullest and instead of looking atchange as an inconvenience look at it as an opportunity for adventure. Life is short make the most of it.

Yokasta Schneider I always look at and focus on the positives. Even if it’s something minor, you can find something. Dwell on that for a bit and build on it. Once you’re IN the situation, you’ll find more positives.

Kathy Williamson Penney As a special Needs parents we have to be willing to roll with things or adapt at change– sometimes a planned outing goes to hell in a handbasket and it gets scrapped. I have to be able to shake it off and go with a change of plans because if I stressed out every time there was a change of plans my blood pressure would be through the roof. I have learned the more you can go with the flow and as mentioned above view change as an opportunity for adventure or to learn or grow the happier you will be.

T. Nicole Merritt I’m an Army brat so I’m used to change. But if thatchange doesn’t make sense I will question it and make suggestions for a better experience. That’s how I embrace it.

Kelly Whalen Nope. I’m terrible at change. Ironic that my life is ALL about change.

Roni Faida Yep. Change doesn’t stress me out at all. My life changes constantly and at the last minute, it’s part of the fun.

How do YOU handle change??

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.