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Life Changing Books for Your 2019 Reading List

Are you a book worm? If so, and even if not, I have some life changing books for you to add to your 2019 reading list.

I have been a personal development junkie for a long time. It’s because of Oprah.

She introduced me to the genre, which led me to Tony Robbins’ Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within and Brian Tracy’s Goals!. Those two books helped me turn my life around in a major way. I was partying hard 24/7 and left college and was going exactly nowhere at rocket speed. After those two books put some some things in perspective for me, I got my shit together big time. I haven’t stopped reading personal development and inspiration books since.

So, it was my goal to read 2 books a month this year, since I read 52 books for 2016 and 2017. I ended up reading a few more than that, but I didn’t keep a good log this year. For 2019 I’m going to go back to the one book a week plan, but this time I am going to log all the life changing books I devour so I can share it with you.

Here are 4 majorly life changing books for you to read this coming year:

Becoming by Michelle Obama

First of all, Mrs. Michelle “Boots” Obama broke like 5011 records with her book. I haven’t even finished it, but it has made me want to do more with myself as a human, a woman, a scholar, and a parent, …..and also dump John and marry Barack….but…that’s neither here nor there. ::avoids eye contact::

Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein (and The Universe Has Your Back if you haven’t already)

I’m not yet done with Judgment Detox but I’ll tell you this much. Gabby Bernstein has a way of making the esoteric plain. Anyone who isn’t woowoo but wants to just be/do/feel/live better will appreciate the practical nature of this book (and her others). We all judge. We judge each other and we judge ourselves (usually harshly) and this book is a great help with recognizing it, and changing it.

Evolve Your Brain by Joe Dispenza

If you like a sciencey approach to personal development, you’ll love this book. If you don’t like science at large, psychology, physics, neuroscience…then just skip down to the next one. Where Gabby takes a practical layman’s approach to the woo, Dr. Joe takes a scientific approach. It all takes you to the same place though, self growth on many levels.

Worthy by Nancy Levin

Money mindset like a mofo! Worthy is a book all women need to listen to. You will find some part of the stories to relate to, no matter what your primary money story is. This book is a great guide to helping you recognize and change your yucky money beliefs and patterns, and create new healthy ones.

And a few all-time favorite books of mine:

Okay so maybe that’s a lil more than a few, but those books really spoke to me over the years and I know they’ll speak to you too. I could’ve added 10-20 more, honestly. I love these books. They were my intro to psychology, mysticism, quantum physics, spirituality, manifestation, etc. Truly life changing subjects…if you let them be.

I feel like more and more people are opening up to reading personal development, self help, self growth, motivational and inspirational books now and I’m so excited about that. It used to have a negative reputation. (Like heaven forbid you realize you’re not perfect and read something to help you improve.) Now, folks are realizing that there are resources to help and they need not be ashamed about reaching out for that help so YAY

What are your fave personal development books?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.