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The Defensive Lineman and The Virus Magnet #knowyourotcs

Did you get the flu shot this year? Did your kids? I asked this on my Facebook page and got a ton of varied responses. I have two confessions to make, but before I do, I’ve got to tell you that this post is created in partnership with the CHPA’s Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, but all opinions are mine. Obvi.
So confession #1: One of my biggest parenting fears is that my children will get ill while I am out of the country and can’t get back to them quickly.
Now, I never leave them for too long, or with people who can’t get them to the doctor, but I still dread it.
Rohan is my sickie. He catches every cold that goes around his germy kindergarten classroom, and finds other colds to catch wherever he goes. He’s a cold and virus magnet. Meanwhile, Kaya’s immune system is like a defensive lineman with a superbowl ring, knocking those germs away like it’s swatting a fly. She never gets sick! I think she sneezed this one time back in 2016 tho. 🙂
I don’t know where Kaya gets it from, but I’m grateful. Meanwhile everyone else in the house has the sniffles and she’s unfazed. Sick kids are the absolute worst. (Arguably, sick husbands may be even worse…)
While I love the snuggliness and easygoing, agreeableness of Rohan when he’s come down with something. I’d much rather have him bouncing off the walls and challenging my patience if it means he is healthy and well.
I told you how we try to keep the sickies at bay before but here are some tips from Know Your OTCs:
  • Always read the Drug Facts label before administering any OTC medicine
  • Never give oral cough/cold medicines to kids under the age of 4
  • Prevention tips to keep reinforcing with your kids: wash your hands (this is big in my house!!), cough into your elbow (we call it Dracula-style), stay home when you are sick, stay up to date on immunizations that prevent these wintery illnesses like the flu!
  • It’s important to see a doctor if you have suspected influenza on day 1 or 2, especially if you are considered high risk. The following groups are considered high-risk:
    • Children under 2 years
    • Adults over 65
    • Pregnant women
    • Anyone with complicated/severe illness and those with underlying health problems (asthma, diabetes, heart problems, neurologic conditions, etc)
My mom is so Jamaican. She thinks everything can be healed with tea and sleep. While I love both of those things (i mean…really, who doesn’t) I am quick to nip the sickies in the bud with medicine for me and John and the kids.
I say all this to say, of course, my latest trip that took me to Orlando (2.5 hr car ride) and Irvine, California (5.5 hour plane ride) is the one where Rohan came home from school coughing, sneezing, achey, run-down, and in need of comfort. The mom guilt punched me right in the nose that day…hard.
Luckily, he went to my mom so John didn’t have to take off of work, and I got constant status updates to ease my worry. She listens to me when I tell her my desires about my kids, so she didn’t go the tea and sleep route….well…she did, but she also gave him the OTC medicine John brought her.
I was just happy it wasn’t the flu. Which leads me to….
Confession #2: We didn’t get the flu shot yet. (But it’s not too late, if you are still considering it!)
Here’s some flu info for ya. (Feel free to share/pin!)
Also check out the hashtag #knowyourotcs for more stories and tips on staying healthy during winter cold/flu season from my bloggy friends!

Stay healthy, friends!!

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Monday 12th of February 2018

No flu here. Thank God! I totally feel you on the mom remedies. This seems to be a thing among Caribbean moms. My mom's from Puerto Rico and believes the same!

The Blogger Next Dior

Monday 5th of February 2018

Thanks for the info. I’m a Blogger located in West Palm Beach also. I got the flu shot right after giving birth in December. I was too nervous to leave the hospital without it. Praying you and your family stay healthy in this crazy flu epidemic.

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