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Kids Bathroom “Makeover” – A Refresh for Under $80

kids bathroom makeover

Now listen…. you already know I’m not the most pinteresty, DIYish mom. But I had a problem that only pinterest could solve.


Rohan and Kaya are taking over my master bathroom. Their different orajel tubes are all over my counter, they each have a million toothbrushes because they’re obsessed with oral care and it’s all scattered on my vanity. Then they always want to bathe together in the big tub, so their tubby toys, soaps, lotions, washcloths, towels etc… is all in MY bathroom. No bueno. I want a peaceful, serene bathroom.


I need to make the guest bathroom (AKA the kid’s bathroom) more kid-friendly and fun-looking for them to  enjoy using it as their primary bathroom. They will even run over from the other side of the house, pass right on by their perfectly good toilet, to use my bathroom all the way in my bedroom. Why?!

So. My plan is to make the bathroom kid friendly and cute. I also wanted it to stay in my “cozy minimalist” way of living. After poring on Pinterest for ideas, I made a few easy tweaks.

I took to and set myself a $100 budget. I ended up spending way less. (about $60) Then I got two framed wall hangings at Kohls to round out the bathroom. ($20)

Here’s how it turned out:


Boring, lifeless, drab and personality-free.

20160814_164238 20160814_164318 20160814_164331


Cute, Bright, Fresh and kid-centric.

20160818_110512 20160818_110502 20160818_110118 20160818_110127 20160818_110529

This will certainly hold me over until we upgrade the bathroom fully.

A big part of this was letting the kids help me. They helped put the shower curtain onto the rod (it was low at the time). They chose where the decals would go on the wall. They chose which wall hanging would be on top vs bottom. And they chose which sides to put the cups vs the toothbrush holder.

(And in true “learning through play” fashion, we counted the fishies, and sorted by color. Rohan measured the rug to “make sure it fit”)

Giving them a hand in refreshing the bathroom was really important. Not only did they have fun and view it as another family activity (John hung the pieces over the toilet so it was a family affair) but they were SO proud of their work when we finished.

Happy to report that Rohan has bathed in his “special new bathroom” every night since the makeover! Kaya runs in there now to wash her hands (she washes her hands 400000 times a day, so this is a big deal) and they’re both getting used to going in there to potty.

Mom wins!!!

Have you done a mini bathroom makeover before?


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Friday 9th of September 2016

So cute! I really like those framed posters!

Tiffani G

Tuesday 23rd of August 2016

Aww, it' s so cute! I really like the wall hangings. I just didi a mini-makeover in our bathroom too--it's amazing what a new rug and a pop of color can do.

susan smoaks

Monday 22nd of August 2016

i love this makeover. it is fun and refreshing. #entry

Erica B.

Saturday 20th of August 2016

That shower curtain is awesome...I'd use it for my own bathroom! #entry

Ashley C

Saturday 20th of August 2016

The colors really helped brighten up that bathroom! It looks great now and perfect for kids!! I feel you with the cozy minimalist, I would describe myself int he same way! #entry

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.