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Words: A Love Story. w/ Oprah, Mindy and Reese

Before I say one word….

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Okay, now that that’s done…

::deep breath::

Oprah. Mindy. Reese.

A Wrinkle in Time’s Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Whatsit

So, Oprah came in first and was chatting casually for a bit before Mindy and Reese joined us. We were gushing over her, telling her what she means to us and she was like “Of course. I raised you!”

I’m choosing to believe she was speaking only to me…but…I mean…I could be wrong. *shrug* Whatevs.

I’m pumped that I got to get my question in! I asked all 3 Mrs what their favorite lines from the movie were.

Oprah, in her very Oprah way, told Reese and Mindy to go first:

Mindy said: “The wound is where the light enters you.”

Backstory: This is one of my favorite quotes. My brother told me this a couple of years ago when I was upset and having a really painful time. He was a wise little sage, that Garrison. I’m getting the quote (which is an excerpt from one of Rumi’s poems) on my next tattoo, along with a woowoo owl, to honor my brother.

I was hoping Mindy would say that line was her favorite. Her character was actually quite cool in that she had “transcended language” and spoke in quotes for most of the movie. A testament to her acting chops because she delivered each quote in amazing and entertaining ways.

Muvah O added to this saying: “That’s why that one resonated so deeply with me because I’ve often said that the wounds help you create wisdom for yourself. ‘The wound is where the light enters,’ when I heard that it resonated deeply with me because I feel that is really true, that everything that happens to you, that wounds you, that is crisis… is the open door for more light to actually come in.”

My hand was on my heart. My heart was with my brother. My head was spinning and I felt the light coming in. I swear it.

Anyway back to their answers:

Reese said: “Wild nights are my glory!”

Backstory: Wild nights WERE my glory….until Oprah saved my life. Then I had kids and became the most boring human being, and wouldn’t know a wild night if it twerked on top of my head.

But, I did love this line, and apparently it’s quite a popular one from the original book as well. I’m glad Jennifer Lee kept it in when she was creating the screenplay.

Reese’s other favorite line was when the main character Meg, played by Storm Reid, shouts out “I deserve to be loved!!”

It was a powerful line at a powerful moment and I feel like women need to remember this. We deserve to be loved, by our selves and others. Own that!

Oprah then said, in her Oprah voice, that her favorite line was: “…when Mrs. Which says to Storm, ‘Do you know how many millions and millions of events had to occur as they did in order for you to be exactly the way you are?’ And I actually think that about my own life as a African American who came from slaves and that story that journey. And I think about it for the life of everyone I meet. Everybody on the planet, I just think of what it took to get you here.”

She took it there yall. Yes. She. Did.

This was a powerful one for me because it is something I think about quite often. This universe, this reality, my reality within it and my place in the vastness of it all. The magic. The power. Every nanosecond changing everything else…  ::sigh::

Words are so powerful. They can cut you down real quick, build you up just as fast, elicit any emotion desired at the utterance of a certain phrase… They’re magic when strung together well and impossible to be strung together “wrong”….feel me? I’m grateful to do my art in this medium.

All throughout A Wrinkle in Time (the book, and the movie!) words are twirled around so delicately, and smashed so fiercely. I hope you come back and tell me what lines you loved after you go see it. Don’t forget, it comes out on March 9th!!

What’s your favorite quote in general?

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