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I’m Going INSANE


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So remember my whole workout plan I told you about? Well…I didn’t do so well with that. The only thing I did was run fairly regularly. I’ve started a new journey with my whole fitness life. My friend and beachbody coach Celester got me on it. I’m now doing the INSANITY challenge and chronicling my journey every single day and even coaching/helping to motivate other challengers. I’ve got an accountability group that I check in with every day and get to whine to about how tough the daggone workouts are. That’s helpful. 🙂

Confession: I feel like I was wildly out of integrity. As a personal coach, I’m having deep and sometimes super intense conversations with women that facilitates their positive change in their daily habits and longer range goals. So here I am helping these women and then turning around and failing to exercise, failing to eat right, failing to just do better… It was eating me up inside. I think I was giving myself an out by saying, oh I just had the baby…(which yes, is a big deal)… but seriously, if I could binge on oreos, I could binge on fruits instead. I don’t let my clients get away with feeble excuses, and I was letting myself off the hook so easily.  Not Anymore.

I started on Sunday, and have kept up well despite it being hard as hell, and today realized I’m going to have to change my diet a bit.  I’m going to post weekly updates on the FITNESS page here, but I’m keeping a daily log on a mini fitness blog I made just for chronicling my journey back to a fit life. I lost my mind and posted “before” pics and gave the link to my INSANITY challenge group as well, for double the accountability.

No turning back now!

Hope you ladies have a healthy and happy weekend! I’ll be sore, but happy 🙂

Any plans for the weekend?! Have you ever tried Insanity or other BeachBody Products? What about other at home workout dvds? How’d it go?


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Uber WAHM - New Beachbody Coach - Ok, Dani

Monday 17th of March 2014

[…] did insanity back in 2012 and it was hard as hell but got some results. If only I had changed my eating at the […]

Mrs. K

Wednesday 19th of September 2012

I love the Insanity workouts. I know that sounds crazy but I do. I did the whole thing before I got pregnant last year and I thought it was awesome and so worth it. After it, I was so strong and toned. I've done a few videos here and there since my baby was born but I haven't been consistent. Maybe I'll start it back some day. Best of luck and I like the new look of your blog BTW.


Sunday 16th of September 2012

That's great your doing Insanity! I'm currently doing Insanity and I love it. It's a very challenging workout program I repeated the first month twice before moving onto the core and balance and month 2. I feel I'm getting stronger and I see a lot of change in my muscle definition. I drink the P90x results and recovery formula during and after working out and I don't feel sore next day. I love Beachbody workout programs especially Turbofire but Insanity is my new favorite. I have Chalean Extreme, Revabs, Turbojam and my husband have P90x but he is now doing Insanity with me.


Saturday 15th of September 2012

I love your blog and nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Get the deets here:

Patrice J.

Saturday 15th of September 2012

I tried Insanity. Twice. The first time I felt so incredibly out of shape ( I too have an infant) that I gave up. Then I was mad at myself for quitting. The second time I cried. Not tears of sadness, but tears of happiness that I pushed myself. I really want to buy the DVD set (I just did the little Dr. OZ video).


Saturday 15th of September 2012

LOVE that you tried again and pushed yourself!! If you do buy the DVD set, please buy through my link!? (It doesn't cost you any more, I just get a small commission :)) Thanks!

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