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Increasing Self-Care as a Busy Mom

Some mommy bloggers in their “confession” pieces are talking about how they haven’t showered in days, are wearing the same yoga pants for a week, and haven’t brushed their teeth or hair since two Sundays ago. It’s like a badge of honor, to be all jacked up in the name of motherhood… because a good mom puts her kids so high on the priority list that routine hygiene just doesn’t make the cut. ::side eye::
That’s a place I’ll never get to. (I will say, that those first weeks home with the baby, I was the hottest of hot messes, but once I was able to walk upright again without meds I was able to take care of myself properly.) I’m never going to be the fashion plate mom with an uber trendy designer outfit and full face of perfect makeup on before leaving the house just for a target run, but I’m not going to be a slob just because I can use having my two young children as an excuse.

Cutest excuses ever tho:

cute kid hug


I recently looked over the long goal and to-do list I wrote for this year in January. It’s June now so I’m starting to think of the second half of the year. I’m on track with a lot of the goals, I crossed out tons of the to-dos (which felt great!) and remembered some goals that kinda fell by the wayside.

One goal that I had was to increase my self-care and “me time.” I wake up early so I can sneak some exercise in, but that’s really the extent of the “me time” I created for myself. Things like getting mani/pedis I realize I now view as a treat, when they used to be routine maintenance… like brushing teeth.

No bueno.

So, I reorganized my list. I realize I’ve become that mom that lets herself slide down the priority list. Not to the point of the mommy bloggers mentioned above, but definitely not keeping myself up like I used to. My last brow appointment was on Mother’s Day for chrissakes. I know I’m busy with the kids, the house, the day job, and building my business, but there is no reason for my poor brows to feel the pain of my full schedule.

Here’s my personal plan for how I’m increasing self-care and feeling my best (and healthiest):

Bathroom Vanity Audit – I’m going through my staples, and the millions of un-used or partially used products that don’t serve me. Some of my faves like coconut oil and witchhazel will stay close at hand, I’ll see what I need to re-stock and remove from cluttering up my bathroom. This helps my health and self-care mentally and physically 🙂

Scheduling “maintenance” appointments in advance – Nails, brows, hair, etc… I’ll make them non-negotiable! And 100% child-free. Non-mommy time is essential! (I think I’ve finally found a natural hair stylist close by in Royal Palm Beach!) – cross your fingers for me.


Monthly “Treats” – For me this means a massage. I know some women love spa-days, or facials… but a monthly massage for me is something that can fit in the budget easily, and increase my feelings of well-being a million times over.

Nighttime Routine – I’m great about mornings. I have a morning routine that works well for me. The night however, gets nutty. I get the kids down and then work until I drop. Recreating my p.m. routine will definitely help me feel my best!

Back to yoga – Yoga is my boo. It’s that old friend that I talk to for a while, then never see, then talk to every day again… We’ve been on hiatus for a minute. P90X3 has brought us back together, but in a different way. I’m going to return to my soul-cleansing, vibe-refreshing yoga. I miss it.

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MARIA simon

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015

I take control and care of my body by exercising every day

Kathryn C

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015

my #SweepstakesEntry tweet:


Kathryn C

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015

#SweepstakesEntry-- comment

I take better care of my body/health by not consuming so much sugar


Laurie Emerson

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015

I take control and care of my body by taking vitamins and drinking plenty of water.

Tabathia B

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015


tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

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