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I’m On The Run…from dogs?

catch me if you can

This post was set to go live on Friday for #FitnessFriday. I messed up somehow…

I’m on the run,

I told you what my soulmate workout was… and it’s definitely strapping on my sneaks and hitting the road.
Finally got back into my running groove! I have a quick easy route around the new house that is just perfect.  Feels good.
Got my new shoes, with the help of social media decision making. I posted three that I couldn’t choose between and ended up picking these beauties:
They’re so comfortable guys. Light. As. Air!
My mom got me some workout leggings a while ago and warned me before she pulled em out the bag…because they’re neon! But I”m grateful for my neon pink leggings. Nobody’s gunna hit me when I’m running in the road.
Since I now live in the sticks, I noticed other runners carrying sticks. (and one older gent carrying a golf club as he ran) I guess random loose dogs are a thing here…. lawd. I told John I need him to find me a good dog-fightin’ stick for my runs…
He suggested pepper spray.
(can you imaging pepper spraying a dog? …. can you imagine hitting a dog with a stick?)
I honestly don’t think I could. I legit would climb a tree, or hop a fence and call someone to come save me. (Imagine calling 911 for that? “911 what’s your emergency?”  “Um… there’s a dog.” ::click::)
But if that dog was comin’ after my lil ones, I’d have to just bash the hell outta the poor pooch’s head. #sorrynotsorry
I was chased by a dog once when I was at my great gramma’s house in Miami as a lil kid. Luckily my cousin came by and the dog decided that he was a better target. I’d never EVER seen my cousin run that fast….and he was in track & field! They disappeared around a corner and I hightailed it back to Ma’ Pearl’s house happy to be alive. Later that night, I’m watching wrestling with my great grandmother (sidebar, that old lady LOVED wrestling and would put us greatgrandkids in figure 4 leg locks!) and in comes my cousin, looking a hot disheveled mess, shirt torn, sweaty, etc…  I didn’t ask him, but in my head I remember thinking, WOW that dog chased him for a really long time!
[as mentioned above, this post was set for FRIDAY.  On Saturday, I got….BIT BY A DOG!!!!  Can you believe that shit?! It was not on a run though. I got out the car in my own damn driveway and the bitchass mutt from across the street ran over andgot me on the butt! (you can laugh.) I was (am) so upset. It could have very easily been Rohan or Kaya. I thank God, Allah, Yahweh, and Archangel Michael that I didn’t take them out the car yet…. I went to the hospital for a shot, and I reported that bitey lil summabitch. Animal control came yesterday and suggested I run with a stick!! (she also suggested an air horn, or pepper spray) And PS I carried a stick when I went for my run today after work.]
What was I talkin’ about again?
Oh yeah, running.
I found the Black Girls Run! group of South Florida, so I’m going to find me a running buddy soon. I want to do a race of some sort this summer!
Been running to some really…un-runny music. I need to get back to my playlist, or dancehall station on Pandora cuz…I love Hozier’s album and could listen to it on repeat, but it doesn’t really inspire me to sprint…

Have you been running lately?

Ever been bitten by a dog?

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Tuesday 17th of March 2015

You should download some of DJ Private Ryans mixes. Those are my staple workout mixes!


Tuesday 17th of March 2015

I just got some DJ Rise mixes!!! He's the BEST!!!

Tiffani G. from MyMommyVents

Tuesday 17th of March 2015

Run, Forest, run! I'm sorry the neighbor's dog thought you were a chew toy, but glad it wasn't one of babies and you're okay. Now make sure you carry a big stick.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.