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I mean…..really.

One would think….

That if you were an allegedly professional photographer….

And you (for whatever reason) chose NOT to show up to the wedding you’re supposed to be shooting…..

That, besides being 100% apologetic, you would DO SOMETHING to compensate the couple.


That the photos the “photographer” took before the wedding would at least be edited and sent to the couple (along with a heartfelt written apology for abandoning them at the alter...literally).

One would not expect to receive a cd of UNEDITED SNAPSHOTS that are sized too small for one to edit oneself.

I mean….really!?

I didn’t want to call this chick out because that’s just mean….but seriously?!?!!?  SERIOUSLY!!!???

WTF?!  She couldn’t even send me the hi-res images? or even full size images? 

She didn’t edit anything, she just put them straight from camera to CD…..BUT…not before she shrunk them down rendering them wholly unusable to me.



No, seriously.  Why?


Whatever you do, do not hire Kasey Bee Photography if you’re doing a shoot in the Las Vegas Pahrump area of Nevada….or Anywhere else!

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Mrs. K

Tuesday 21st of December 2010

I'm sorry that happened. That does suck!


Tuesday 21st of December 2010

I hate it when folks are inconsiderate and selfish! We have her info now.


Monday 20th of December 2010

You tell her girl! :)

Miss Chelsea

Monday 20th of December 2010

My brother & sis-in-law got screwed by their wedding photog too! They never even GOT a cd, she just disappeared off the face of the earth. We all tried contacting her multiple times to atleast get the unedited versions or something... I feel so bad that they have no professional photos from that day!!

Stephanie in Suburbia

Monday 20th of December 2010

You need to enter a complaint in the Better Business Bureau. My friend did this for a furnace repair company and the complaint was sent to them so they were aware of her complaint and that she made it public. The BBB gives them time to respond, and a lot of people end up getting what they wanted so the company can avoid the bad press. It won't take a lot of your time and it will serve as a great warning to others if she doesn't respond and make it right. I'm so sorry this happened to you!

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