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Unexpected Ways We Prepared for Kindergarten

How are your kids doing this school year? My little nugget has been in kindergarten for a couple months now and we’re well into the swing of things. Rohan enjoys school and has a few little friends. Though, he’s a tough nut to crack. Everyday I ask him about what he did at school and he tells me “play” and when I press him for more he says “activities.” Ha!! Usually by bedtime I have a halfway clear idea of how his day was. The way my pre-kinder anxiety was set up, I read all I could about transitioning kids to school and I think we had a pretty successful go at it.

Here are some of the things I learned that we implemented back when kindergarten started, but are useful reminders for throughout the entire school year:

Give Kids Easy-to-Handle Items

Kindergarten is definitely an independence milestone. Make it easy for your littles to be autonomous by giving them foods, drinks, bags etc. that they can handle on their own. Practice opening snack bags, putting straws in drink boxes, zipping and buttoning clothes, and opening/closing bags and lunch boxes. Rohan still has a little trouble with some buttons and some snaps, but we’re getting there.

Do School Medical/Dental Checks

This one is a biggie! Medical checkups are required for entering kindergarteners. I waited until the very last minute getting Rohan’s check up the Friday before school started.

If you’re in Florida, like I am, but are without health insurance for your littles (or big kids!), go apply for Florida KidCare! I’m partnering with Florida KidCare to share about the importance of having health and dental coverage for your kids. This program is low cost (or free!) and your children may be eligible even if you (and/or your spouse) are working! You know your kiddies’ health is the most important. Check it out today. Here is their Facebook if you want to follow them and click here to learn more.

Pro tip: Remember that older kids require medical checks for sports too, so plan accordingly!

Buy Non-lace-up Shoes

Kindergarten teachers all over the world lament the existence of lace-up shoes! I wonder how many hours of time has been wasted retying loose laces? LOL! Be a dear and buy your little one Velcro, slip-on, or lace-free shoes. Lots of sneakers have the lace “look” but are actually slip ons.  Even if your kindergartener knows how to tie their laces, do your child’s teacher a time-saving solid, and send them to school with lace-free shoes.


OK one last tip before I go. Be sure your kindergartener can use the bathroom and wash his or her hands 100% independently. Everything from getting their clothes up and down, to wiping, to soaping, rinsing and drying their hands. Preschool teachers are allowed to help, but Kindergarten teachers aren’t! (And remind them to wash their hands a lot!)

How did YOU Prepare your littles for Kindergarten?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.