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Hot Cars and Chili in North Palm Beach


A couple weekends ago John and I took our car obsessed threenager to his first car show. It was the Hot Cars and Chili North Palm Beach show. The child nearly lost his damn mind, giddy with excitement. He checked out all kinds of cars, rolled his little hot wheels car on the tires, snuck and touched cars after we told him not to, made new friends…. he really enjoyed himself.

I honestly thought I would be bored to tears, but watching him get so excited, and bond with John over “guy stuff” was a lot of fun for me.

Plus there was wine.

And a row of various food trucks…but…whatever.


you see that donuts sign right…. and you see what angle this shot was taken from right…

John benefited as well since it was also a chili cook-off competition. All the tents in the pic above are various stations with different types of chili, ribs etc vying for the prize. Good stuff.

I got lucky because there was a lovely row of food trucks just waiting along the perimeter for me.

The people who put this event together were very smart to hold it at Anchorage Park in North Palm Beach. They had ample space for the entire car show, a perfect street to line up the food trucks, two playgrounds for restless kids, lots of bathroom access for all, and free parking! It was so easy for a day out as a family.

The cars though…that’s the point right? The cars were beautiful! And I’m not a car head at all….but I know what I want for my birthday:


How pretty? It’s a Mclaren Somethingorother…

Rohan was in heaven checking out the cars, but he truly flipped his lid when he saw “Mater”

20160131_144602 20160131_143340

We had to double back to visit “mater” about 4 times. Meanwhile there are all these shiny pristine cars all around… This kid wanted to chil with the old beat up car.  I admit it was cool though. (Mater is a character from Disney’s Cars movies)

As per usual, everyone wanted to talk and play with Ro. The cars were all hands off, with signs all around asking people to look and not touch. Yet somehow, as Rohan’s inspecting this car, and trying to sidle in… the owners offer him a “test drive”

20160131_143713 20160131_144403 20160131_14450820160131_144451

Nooooo Daddy Noooooo

I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed drooling over looking at these cars. It was interesting speaking to the owners, who were usually sitting close by, beaming with pride. I want to say I learned a lot that day….but honestly…I can barely remember the fancy car words I heard. #sonotacarperson

20160131_150041 20160131_144156 20160131_144736 20160131_143551

There was a nice vibe at the event, and lots of families enjoying it together which was fun for us. It was thoughtfully put together, with something for everyone. John, mr. mayor-of-everywhere-he-goes was chatting with everyone as usual. We found out that there are a lot of food competitions held there so we’ll certainly be back again.

Have any unexpectedly fun outings lately?

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Bill Egan

Friday 27th of January 2017

Hi Dani -

Hot Cars & Chili happening again...and it's tommorow in North Palm Beach at Anchorage Park. Jsut got done reading your blog post. Very nice.

Bill North Palm Beach Recreation Dept.


Sunday 29th of January 2017

Bummer that we missed it this year!

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