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This week, recovering from surgery I spent a LOT of time laying in bed trolling the internet to occupy my time. Here are some of the fruits of my labor:

Afrobella’s Droppin’ Knowledge

Check her out giving the top things she’s learned 9 years deep in this blogging biz.  My fave gem is #6 and second fave is #10  (What’s yours?) So excited for and proud of her, even though I don’t know her know her… You know?

This chick makes me sick.

Every time I visit this chick’s blog I learn a million things I need to do to get my blogging life. I almost dread reading there because I know it’ll add to my already-too-long list of to-dos with this bloggy business of mine. Seriously, Regina is the ish, and I’m stoked I found her blog when I did. This post….::sigh:: just bookmark it cuz you’re gunna have to go back fiftyeleven times. (I hope I don’t stan out when I see her at Blogalicious. – Are you going?)

I’m Famous….

Ok, not exactly, but QuirkyBrownLove blog included me in their list of 200 Amazing Black Bloggers you should know. Super psyched to be on the list. And seriously… you need to go check out this resource. I wasted spent half a day just reading through lots of new blogs thanks to this list. She has it broken down by category to make it easy.

Grey’s Okay!

So I’m cutting my hair and dying itpurple. In searching the interwebz for inspiration pics and cuts, I fell down the rabbit hole… you know how that happens when you hop from blog to blog from random links in the prior blog. Somehow I ended up at Ty Alexander’s blog Gorgeous in Grey and saw this piece full of heads that were looking…gorgeous…in…grey. #imcreative. I’m still going purple, but I do like the look of this… For some reason it reminded me of this meme:

But, No, Really….I’m Famous!

Good Housekeeping Magazine shared a list of great tips from “Super Organized Moms” Somebody tricked them into including my tip 🙂 Of course, my tip is basically saying “be lazy, and enjoy it” So ummm yeah…  Check out the post for some tips to get your life together. The laundry tip is one that I’ve been doing for years, it makes life SO much more bearable.

You read anything good on these innanets lately?

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Sunday 23rd of August 2015

Love this!!! I'm making a Nashville blogger list since u don't ever make anyone's list. (Salty am I? LOL). Seriously I can't wait to see you rocking some purple.


Friday 21st of August 2015

I love this post! Yet another that I've pinned. Keep them coming!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.