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Goals & Resolutions 2013



(i really do love list-making. it’s therapeutic for me. empties my brain out, then I get the satisfaction of crossing things off!)

Before jumping into my goals and my resolution for the year I want to look back at how I fared for 2012.

You can see the detailed list of 2012 goals here: 2012 Goals & Resolutions

1. YES! I have my happy,healthy, awesome baby boy crawling around as we speak. (or, as I type)

2. NO. I didn’t hit my savings goal for the year, not going back to work messed that up, but I wouldn’t go back and change it if I could.

3. NO. (ish) I didn’t hit my income goal with writing, I almost hit it with coaching though….almost.

4. YESNO. I did host an event, I did see most of my sets of friends monthly, but not all, I didn’t hang with my brother monthly, but we saw each other a lot more than 2011, I tried my best to nurture my long distance relationships but I know I could’ve done better. When I try to rationalize it, I think things like “well, phones work both ways” and other nonsense, but when I’m honest with myself I know I should reach out more, whether they do too or not.

5. NO. I don’t yet have a balanced routine at home with the baby/my hubby/work/writing/exercise/spirituality all fitting in. Baby trumps all. But I aim to balance better this year

6. NO. x1000. I haven’t lost all the baby weight (still holding on to 10) and I’m in excellent shape…SQUARE! hehe

7. YES. We definitely got more date nights in, both outside and inside the house.

8. YES. I visited with my extended family in Florida and I’m headed back soon 🙂

9. YESNO. I did do more beautification and I grew my hair out, but my sexy has not been regained nor did I get my hair removal, but mainly because they won’t honor my groupon and I haven’t yet found a deal as good at a place that has the gentle yag laser for dark skin.

10. YESNO. We totally use glass vs plastic, use waaay more all-natural products, i use natural body products, as does Roey, but I have an issue with natural cleaning products. I don’t feel like I’m cleaning (my kitchen/bathroom) unless bleach is involved. Those natural cleaners leave a film that I have to go clorox to death. 🙁 – Any suggestions? (And please don’t say vinegar and baking soda)


UGH!! So many Nos and halfways!! Let’s see how I do for 2013. I’m hoping for all YES for 2013.

In my 2012 recap post I told you I didn’t quite make my resolution stick either. It is no longer a desire LOL. I will take the help and just budget for it.


2013 Resolution

I resolve to:

Get my sexy back! (And keep it)

2013 Goals

I’m completing 13 Goals by Dec 31, 2013:

1. Be more intentional, open and consistent with my spirituality practices than in years past

2. See my Florida family twice at least, see more of my other side of the family during the year

3. Get in better than pre-baby shape

4. Earn $XXXXX from my coaching business, writing and blogging combined

5. Have $XXXXX in down payment savings, $XXXX in Roey’s account and $XXXXX in personal savings

6. Be consistent with blogging and grow and

7. Keep Roey a happy, healthy baby and be an intentional, “on purpose” mommy.

8. Launch my business site by June 1

9. See different sets of friends at least once a month, visit my parents twice a month at least

10. Take a vacay with and without baby boy.

11. Date my husband and keep the romance alive….or leave him for this guy. (either or)

12. This is a maybe goal: Get preggo during Oct-Dec 2013.

13. This is a maybe goal: Return to the traditional workforce by July 1 (only if I really really really have to lol)

So there we have it! My main focuses this  year are wellness, motherhood, and business.

In my journal I’ve gone into detail with each goal, including action steps and deadlines, but I’ll spare you all that. (it’s 6 pages long lol)

Let’s see how it goes!!

 Did you make resolutions and goals this year? How did you fare with your goals/resolutions from last year? Good luck with whatever your goals are for the year, feel free to share em!

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Saturday 5th of January 2013

Good luck with your goals for this year! #10 is one of my goals for this year too. AND a me trip too! I got one in last year( BlogHer), but i don't think i'm going to do it that big this year...maybe....LOL

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.