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FlexiSpot Desk Bike Review

I don’t know how good of a Flexispot Desk Bike review this is going to be. I really just want to shout at you to get it and drop the link and be out. I really love this all in one desk bike and want you to try it and love it too.

Honestly, I love this desk and have only two issues with it.

  1. My freakin’ kids always want to use it, and
  2. I sometimes wish it had a lil back rest on it

I know those aren’t really issues… but I had to say something. When I want a back rest, I just get up and go do something else, or switch back to my regular desk and chair. And as for the kids…I let them use it and just kick ’em off when I need to ride and work some more.

I’ve wanted a standing desk in the past, but this is so much better for me. I’ve seen people with treadmill desks so I took my laptop on the treadmill and I was not able to do anything at all lol. No work could be done that way, for me.

So, having the FlexiSpot is dope. I can turn my laptop around and stand and use the desk that way if I want to as well.
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It rolls easily from room to room so if I have to bang something out on a deadline but the kids want me to watch a movie with them, I can still be present in the living room even if I’m mostly working and riding and just half watching.

There are a lot of options for tracking distance, time, speed, calories, etc. The settings for resistance go really high so you can get a solid workout on this thing. I use the Peloton app with my treadmill, and for yoga/weights and decided to give a bike workout a try.
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It was great. (Honesty time: I don’t like exercise bikes because the seats always hurt my ‘downstairs.’ I don’t know if it’s the angle or the seat padding, but this doesn’t hurt!) I’ll admit, it was not a long hour-long Peloton workout, but the bike held up! And so did my butt!

(But I probably won’t do it again LOL. I like to casually ride as I work, not huff n puff.)

The desk gets the most use by me, sometimes John and the kids love it too. I let them ride and play Roblox on it for half an hour each, but if they stop pedaling, they have to get off the computer. They’re willing to bike to play video games, so that works out for a little extra physical activity. No more mom guilt around screen-time!

Oh, and also, it’s super easy to adjust. John doesn’t use it much, but when he does, or when one of the kids hop on, they can adjust the seat height, and desk height, as well as distance of the desk from their chest all on their own with the easy levers.

If you’re looking for a standing desk or desk bike, I highly recommend the FlexiSpot since it’s basically both in one. You can check it out HERE. The price point is great and they have a few models for you to consider. (They also have under-desk bikes, and standing desks too, if an all-in-one is not your speed!)

If you end up getting one please let me know how you love it!

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FlexiSpot Desk Bike Review ⋆ Ok, Dani - Highly Suggested

Thursday 3rd of February 2022

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