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Easy Ways to Save Money at Home


So. I’m in Florida….unexpectedly. Down here to look at some homes and a get a few things done, pre-move. House-hunting is kinda fun, kinda annoying, kinda scary and kinda cool. Makes me feel like a grown up, but also a nervous little kid all at once.

John and I are saving, and preparing to be homeowners. A few other family members are also house-hunting (further along in the process than John and I) and looking into various options to save money with their new place.

Manage Your Bills

One easy way to save money at home is to manage your bills and downgrade to save money every month. Downgrading your cable, having DVR in only one room, removing the fast forward and rewind function on your plan, or even getting rid of premium channels are great ways to save some coin.  Or you can do what John and I did and get rid of cable all together and use your computer to watch your favorite shows.

Phone plans are another way to save money. It’s easy to call your provider and ask what deals are available and what plans are available for you. Asking to be put on the loyalty program is immediate discount that most qualify for after only a few months with your provider.

Manage your Kitchen

Food is a big area in life where we are able to easily save money. It begins with planning your meals so you head to the grocery with a gameplan in mind. This keeps you on track stops you from spending needlessly during the week (or two weeks) for which that you are purchasing food. Easy way to save money is to use coupons and eat home cooked meals versus take out or eating out at restaurants.

Another way to save money with your kitchen is to be organized. Keeping a tally of items you have in stock in your fridge/pantry, and an idea of when items will expire saves you money. I hate having to throw food away. I feel like I’m just emptying my wallet into the garbage can.

Manage your Utilities

I don’t personally know anyone in the U.S. that powers their home with Solar, but I see the solar panels atop people’s homes around south Florida. My only personal friend that has a solar powered home lives all the way in Germany.  Solar power was something my father and I were looking into recently. I thought it could be something to save money long term, but didn’t know how it worked or if it was something I could even afford.

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I learned about Sunrun solar service and found that:

  • Electricity from Sunrun is more affordable than electricity from your utility.
  • Sunrun invented solar service, a way to get solar on your roof without the high upfront cost and hassle of ownership.
  • Sunrun installs, insures, monitors and maintains a solar system that is designed specifically for you and your home.
  • You just pay a low, locked-in rate for the electricity that the panels produce.
  • Sunrun gives you control over your electricity costs and protects you against unpredictable electricity rate increases.
  • Sunrun monitors your solar system’s production remotely

What are your best tips for saving money at home in an easy way?

I have a special offer for you from Sunrun. If you go solar with Sunrun before Nov. 30, you’ll get a $500 VISA® Prepaid Card. (Conditions apply.)

Get a free solar quote here.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Sunday 19th of October 2014

I used to like your blog but it has become completely overrun with ads and is now a hot mess. So annoying and such a disappointment ugh!


Sunday 19th of October 2014

Aw sorry you feel that way. Maybe visit on the days there is no sponsored content! :-)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.