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Cruise Recap – Majesty of the Seas #RoyalCaribbean

Fit Couple on Cruise

Before I start, can I just say how grateful I am that a quick cruise is even an option for a weekend getaway for us now. So great to be able to drop the kids with family and not worry about them, and just drive to the pier and hop on board a cruise ship. #lifeisgood! #gratefulascanbe

Our goals for this trip was to relax, reconnect and enjoy some child-free quality time together

We totally hit our goals 🙂


We got to the pier around 2 and waited anxiously in line for what seemed like forever, but was actually about 30 minutes. Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program is called Crown and Anchor. We were in the long Gold line, but are Platinum now lol so we can remember that for next time and go in the short line!

Getting on board the Majesty of the Seas I immediately could tell the age of the ship. It’s not as shiny brand new as others, and is pretty small. I didn’t mind a bit though. We looked for the place to make reservations for the Chops Steak House, but sadly there isn’t one on this ship! Broke my heart. So we went to the room instead. We booked an interior since we were doing this weekend getaway on the cheap, but we lucked into an accessible stateroom so we had extra space!!

We changed and went to take a walk around the ship and realized quickly that the ship is tiny! We headed to lunch on Deck 12. There’s a pizza place, a deli, and Johnny Rockets (for a small fee) all in one space. The deli doubles as the Mexican Restaurant in the evenings. Happy to report I ate in line with my lower carb lifestyle for most of the trip!  After our meal and lining up for muster drill we went back to the room to relax for a bit before heading to the gym.

gym on magesty of the seas

Dinner was great although there was a mix up about our dinner time. We chose “My Time” dining so we could go whenever we wanted. Somehow this was not what showed up on our account, and My Time was full. So, they accommodated us anyway, but told us we’d have to come at our assigned time (6:30….not happenin) going forward.

dinner on cruise

After dinner was the casino and heading home to pass out. I was so beat.


So….I did a video recap of Saturday… Well…I tried to at least….but duppies stay thwarting me…

We had an awesome day Saturday while the ship was docked at Coco Cay, Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas. Everyone left the ship to go to the island and John and I stayed back with a few random stragglers. We had the gym, the restaurants and most importantly, the pool (*COUGH* andpoolbar *COUGH*), to ourselves all day. It was just me, John, and a million long island iced teas spending some quality time together.


Dinner was at the Mexican restaurant, and then we hit the casino…hard! And then the bed….even harder.


We finally left the ship!!

I woke up early on Sunday because I’m incapable of sleeping past 7 for some reason. We had no plans for the island and this gave me anxiety so I made a quick video (above) went to the gym for cardio and an abs class (which never happened), grabbed a coffee and headed to the Explorations booth to book an excursion. John and I have never booked an excursion through Royal Caribbean before. We tend to book independently before we get on the ship, or just head off onto the island and book independently with the dudes holding signs there.

dani and john at ship

I had low hopes, figuring our snorkel trip would be packed and overpriced.  Well, it was pricier than other trips we’ve taken, but happily was a really good time!! We took a catamaran to a reef and got to snorkel for a bit. On the way back it turned into a booze cruise (it wasn’t yet noon…anywhere) and was a lot of fun.

view from catamaran

After the “booze cruise” we went to Bahamas’ famous Straw Market, and haggled for two hats for the kids. Then walked over to the Fish Fry for lunch. A restaurant called Twin Brothers was recommended to us, so we gave it a try. It was great….so great I forgot to take pictures of all the delicious conch dishes we tried! 🙁

conch salad

We just headed back to the ship after eating, and John rested in the room to nurse his sunburn and I took my kindle to the Schooner bar to nurse a few mojitos. We linked up again for Trivia (we lost) and Bingo (they rescheduled it without telling us) and went to the casino and dinner. But first I bested the rock wall yet again.

Later that night we went to the Mexican restaurant for dessert and to the world famous Quest gameshow on board. That was a riot. John was a total ham and got our team TONS of points. I can’t disclose the details of the Quest…but we can say it’s an “adult scavenger hunt” 🙂

After the quest we just sat at the bar chatting and had drinks until the craziest karaoke began and we had to save ourselves and just go to the casino to donate more money before heading to bed.



Depressed as can be, we packed our bags as soon as we woke up (at the hands of the blaring voice over the loudspeaker telling us to get the hell out lol) and we just walked off the ship on our own time. We much prefer doing this instead of packing the night before and having the cruise crew take it for us. That’s just a hassle.

The drive back home was smooth, and although I loved being away from them for the weekend, I missed my littles and was SO glad to see them.


  • Starbucks on board!
  • Long Island Iced Teas and Mojitos
  • Trivia
  • The usual great RCI customer service
  • Lots of quality time with my guy
  • No mommy duty

Didn’t Love:

  • Random events just getting cancelled with no notice or moved to different times
  • Losing at the casino (I can’t believe I lost at craps….it took 9 years, but my lucky streak is over *sobs gently*)
  • The dinnertime mix up
  • The ratchetry on board (There was a “Grown & Sexy” singles cruise on board…. hilarity/annoyance ensued.)
  • The seagulls at Coco Cay Deboing my breakfast:


Overall the 3-night Bahamas cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas was an excellent little getaway, at an excellent price. John and I got exactly what we wanted. A lazy weekend. Time alone without the kids, to just be a couple again. We probably talked more about the kids than anything else, lol, but we were free from the responsibility of them anyway.


I would do this trip again, and actually John and I were considering taking it again in October instead of the longer one, so we can take the kids on a cruise in the Spring. We’ll see.

So, that was my Memorial Day Weekend.  How was yours?!

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Brenda Haines

Sunday 25th of October 2015

Booking a future cruise sounds awfully tempting right now! Loos warm! :)

Brenda Haines

Sunday 25th of October 2015

Looks lol


Tuesday 2nd of June 2015

This sounds like a perfect getaway and so lucky to be close to the port! I'll definitely have to try staying onboard at the port - my mom and I almost ended up doing that on our cruise last week when Grand Cayman greeted us with rain, but we held out and went a few hours after arriving. The emptiness in those few hours was definitely a treat! Can't wait to see where you end up going on your next cruise! (Oh and you betta bolt that door next time - SCARY!)

From Mrs to Mom

Monday 1st of June 2015

My first cruise was on Majesty of the Seas! Glad you guys had a great time!


Wednesday 27th of May 2015

I love cruisin'. I'm in Florida and really should go more often, considering how cost-effective it can be. And the drive isn't that bad (I'm in Tampa). We have a port that will take us west and if we want to go East, it is a short 3 hour drive to Miami.

I went with my husband once and with my girlfriend the other time and I had a great time with each. I have to say what I loved about going with my husband was simply having that time to reconnect as a couple. We don't argue (not that we argue a ton), and we can just be completely silly and make impromptu decisions. Like you, we would like to take the kids with us at some point. I think they'd really like a Disney Cruise. However, with our expecting our 3rd little one this September, I'm not sure when we'll be able to manage it, but it is definitely on our list of family vacays.


Friday 29th of May 2015

Congrats on baby #3!!!! If it's a girl, might I suggest's a beautiful name. :) How far is Tampa from West Palm beach? Maybe that's another port I could sail out of... Hmmmm.... you're expanding my possibilities Amber! Disney cruises look good but pricey. Howd you enjoy the Disney line? What other lines have you done and how does it compare/! ::taking notes::


Wednesday 27th of May 2015

This is getting me in the mood for my cruise! I don't remember which cruise line we're taking but i hope it is as fun as your cruise. Love your hair btw :)


Friday 29th of May 2015

Ooooooh have fun!! You're amazing. I couldn't sleep without knowing everything about the ship/ports/activities/menu lol. You're gunna have such a great time, when do you sail? Thanks for the compliment

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