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Hi Pinterest Friends! Thanks for coming to learn about being a Cozy Minimalist. Here are some other posts in the minimalist series:

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I have said before here on the blog that I don’t want to be a minimalist.

Then I go and throw away all my children’s toys.

And give away a whole mess of my clothes.

And refuse to furnish an entire room.

So clearly….something is there.

Here’s the problem I have

Actually… 3 problems:

One… I just don’t like the label of it. I’m not the most “joiner” personality. I may fall in to many categories, but I don’t identify strongly with them. I feel like if I say “I’m a hippie” or “I’m a minimalist” that it’s just too limiting to who I really am.


Two… Minimalism feels good to me in theory and then when I see blogs, or pinterest images of what minimalism is and “supposed to” look like… it’s horrible. It looks like… poverty and missing out and lack and bare bones and sad boredom. I saw a child’s room that looked like one of those places the bad guy on law n order SVU stashes the little girl he kidnapped to sell on the black market.

Three… The attitude around minimalism always seemed to rub me the wrong way. It was kind of… holier than thou. As if anyone who doesn’t want to live with just a capsule wardrobe, a cot and a single spoon in their barren home is a mindless sheep who’s fucking up the environment and getting played by “the man.” Umm…Dude… you can’t shame me for liking what I like and wanting to have what I have.

So yeah, I don’t like that kind of minimalism. It just doesn’t feel good. And that’s the whole point of all of this, right? Feeling good.

This struck me:

living space not storage space

To me, minimalism is about feeling free, light, uncluttered. And also feeling comfortable and safe. Having everything I need and want and love and use often. It’s not about getting rid of the ninja blender because I also have a nutribullet. (I use both regularly) But more about keeping the things we love and use daily, weekly, monthly (travel gear), annually (xmas decorations) and not feeling overwhelmed by “stuff.”

stack of brochures, files and documents, on mess desktop, monitor of pc in background

In searching for yoga for kids the other day I somehow fell down the google search rabbit hole and discovered the term “cozy minimalism.” I think I’ve found something more my speed! Cozy minimalism isn’t about having only 4 shirts and 2 pants, counting your belongings or having your worth determined by how little you own. It’s more about having a home (and wardrobe) that feels perfectly right for you while using the fewest pieces necessary.

are you a cozy minimalist

So for now I’m going to embrace the term “cozy minimalist.” You can too! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stuff, in need of paring down, but not interested in being a minimalist… try this:

Step 1: Take a honest look at your life, schedules and how you use your home

Step 2: Plan out how you desire your home to look, feel and serve you and your family

Step 3: Clear out what doesn’t fit the vision in step 2

Step 4: Decorate and Replenish items where appropriate (and necessary)

For me this looks like:

Realizing (and accepting) that we are 1000% homebodies. Our home is mostly used by the kids and I, is a huge play space for them, not feeling as “us” as we want it to, and is much more “fixer upper” than we expected.

We want our home to feel peaceful for us and serve the kids in a smart way while keeping the grown-up balance. I want our bedroom to be a sanctuary and have the kids area more appealing to them. (They haul their toys into the family room all the time)

Giving away most of my clothes and shoes…and then s-l-o-w-l-y replenishing with select pieces I love (granted…90% of it will be workout clothes… but that’s ME so…#judgemeifyawanna.) (I have the best hack for making paring down clothes/shoes/accessories easily)

Clearing out the kids’ rooms and playroom (AGAIN!) and replacing only with items that are simple, educational and promote imagination play. (I’m not even attempting to pare down their clothes because it’s useless…my family buys them clothes and shoes by the bushel)

Decorating/Redecorating the rooms in the house that don’t feel good or don’t serve me best. (First up: Making the second bathroom bright and friendly for the kids to actually use it instead of mine.)

Forcing…er…encouraging John to go through his clothes, gadgets…and the entire garage (which is a hot mess in itself and looks like the hovel where the killer on SVU would be hiding out from the cops)

I’ll be blogging my way through it all so stay tuned…

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Are you a “cozy” minimalist?

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Friday 20th of November 2020

Those three problems made me literally laugh out loud! I agree 100% with those problems as I often feel the same way when seeing articles about minimalism. Thank you for this post, I really enjoyed it and found it enlightening. I have been playing with the idea of downsizing the amount of my children's toys and this was helpful on how to start.

What Kind Of A Minimalist Are You? | Laws of Positive Lifestyle

Saturday 4th of April 2020

[…] Cozy minimalism is about owning things that are enough for you while using the least items that you need. It is for those who do not like to count their stuff or be strict on their purchases. But they are the ones who are also not obsessed with owning stuff because others have it. Some may call it the moderate minimalist approach. […]


Tuesday 1st of January 2019

I feel as though we are the same person!!! Lived this article! Following you!!! 2019 is my year to figure out what makes me happy and then chuck the rest!!!


Thursday 3rd of January 2019

OMG Thanks so much for reading. You gotta watch Tidying Up on Netflix!!! (check out my review here)

Pamela Graves

Friday 28th of December 2018

Soooo.... I MAY be a "Cozy Minimalist!" I absolutely love the idea of being a minimalist but I am having withdrawals just THINKING about depleting my shoe wardrobe!!! Yikes!! However, as an aspiring interior designer and home stager who styles with "luxe looks for less," I will definitely use the term "cozy minimalist' with clients who would like to buy or sell small spaces without compromising luxurious looks (or their friendships with the super eco or world poverty conscious)! One step in the minimalist design area for me was to hang a minimalist wreath on my front door this Christmas. It only had to decorative pieces! Thanks for your post! I'm now a follower! Blessings!


Sunday 30th of December 2018

Yay!! I'm so glad you dig it. Luxe looks for less sounds right up my alley. Where can I see your work!?


Wednesday 5th of September 2018

Thanks for sharing! I agree that minimalism will look different for everyone, especially families. It isn't deprivation, but knowing what you actually need and use.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.