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Cleaning out my Closet


Dear God, Please let Dani get this closet cleaned soon. Amen

Did you think of the Eminem song when you read the title of this post?

Me too!

Anyway, this post is no metaphor, I’m actually cleaning out my closet. Going through clothes for goodwill has been on my to do list for weeks now. I’ve been procrastinating because it’s just a big annoying task. Plus, my closet was messy, I have bins of clothes piled on the landing outside our apartment, have maternity items to pack away, and now I have to do a season swap-out since it’s getting chilly outside.



In the spirit of simplifying, and scaling down yet again (I recently read THIS BOOK and am lowkey re-inspired) I am going hard at my goodwill giveaway idea. I am being a lot more critical as I go through my clothes.

You know the old advice:

  • make a keep, toss, repair, maybe pile
  • add clothes to the piles accordingly
  • put away keepers, toss/give others, and repair what’s necessary.

Simple, right?


Because the keep and maybe piles grows into mount Everest and Kilimanjaro while the toss/give/repair piles are tiny little anthills!

So, I’m being extra critical this time, and asking myself:

  • does it fit well? No brainer. If it doesn’t flatter me, it’s got to go.
  • do I love it? Or really really like it. Do I feel good wearing it? If not, adios.
  • is it age appropriate? I mean…I’m not 18 anymore…and yes I have clothes that old. Sue me.
  • is it life appropriate? I have no use for club clothes anymore, and I can seriously downsize my business attire. (leaving some for interviews just in case I can’t stay home as long as I want to)
  • is it “Me” Now? I tend to hold on to things I may need, might use, but that’s not needed now.
  • do I have tons of these? I mean…it’s great to have more than one of some key items, but how many of each thing do I really need?
  • WILL I WEAR IT?! The item can fit all categories above but for some reason just may not make the daily wear rotation

John’s being a trooper because this closet cleaning was not just a one afternoon activity….it’s like…a weeklong event. (ok ok more like 2 weeks) But it’s getting done, and when it’s through I’ll have less bins of clothes, less items stuffed in my drawers, hanging in the closet, and more of what I’ll actually wear easily accessible.

I’m on another self imposed clothes shopping ban so this works out very well. Lots going out and nothing coming in to take its place!

Have you cleaned out your closets lately?

Do you do a season change closet overhaul too?

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airbnb cleaning sydney

Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

This makes sense. We have to clean up our closet for us to refreshen up. And I actually like how the ideas roll over the blog. Great job. Keep posting.

Dee Dee

Thursday 1st of November 2012

I am TERRIBLE at this! I end up overthinking and taking articles out of the give pile all the time! especially if I'm lazy and it takes a few days ( sometimes weeks, if I am being honest) before I get off my butt and drive to the donation box/store. The longer it stays in my house, the bigger the chance that it will end up back in my closet, smh!

I really need to do better....


Monday 22nd of October 2012

this is a great post. and timely for me, thanks! i am working to clean out our entire house so we can be prepared to move in the Spring. the closets are beasts.

Mind Right Monday Linkup | Ok, Dani

Monday 22nd of October 2012

[...] my huge closet cleaning project Today I am immensely grateful [...]


Saturday 20th of October 2012

This is what I am supposed to be doing today. However, I am doing my personal bloghopping and scheduling trunk shows at the same time. My multitasking attempt isn't panning out so well. Good luck with your clean out!

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