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Hi girls!

As you know I’m a proud Beachbody Coach! (I told you here when I first started in 2014 and again this year when I shared how I make money online.) I have been answering TONS of questions about my beachbody business and the products, so I decided to make this page to answer some of the most popular questions. Enjoy!


General Beachbody Q&A

Do the programs really work?

Yes and no. The programs don’t do any work. They just exist to help you. YOU do the work and when you do you get results. The key is to stick with it. That’s the major reason we coaches offer support groups to help you make it through the entire program and stay on track.

Which programs have you done?

I did insanity back in 2012 and got great results:

I did Focus T:25 in 2014 and got great results:

I own several programs and enjoyed some more than others:

Piyo: low impact but high intensity, great for flexibility and strength through a pilates yoga hybrid (you WILL sweat)

21 Day Fix: This may just be my favorite. Love the workouts and it comes with a portion control nutrition plan (plus it’s only 3 weeks long

P90X3: I wanted to like it…actually…I did like it…I’ll probably try it again…but I never finished it. Lots of variety in the workouts, you’ll sweat and be sore and see results fairly quickly.

Brazil Butt Lift: bought on sale but haven’t tried it yet

Insanity: First program I ever bought – LONG! SO HARD!!! but works!

Insanity Max: 30: So hard. So. Freaking. Hard. But only 30 mins a day and you feel good after

Les Mills Pump: weights workout that’ll kick your butt. Fun vibe and music though.

Les Mills Combat: kickboxing workout that is SO much fun.

Hammer & Chisel: Great weights workout…but I prefer the Chisel (Autumn) section to the Hammer (Sagi).

Body Beast: I didn’t finish it but it’s amazing. It’s a great strength training workout.

Why do beachbody coaches try to sell shakeology?

Because it helps with healthy weight loss and is pretty much amazing. I love the stuff. Here’s My Testimony and if you go HERE you can see all the details about it.

Is Beachbody coaching a pyramid scheme?

I hear this a lot. No, it’s not. Those are illegal, and Beachbody is a huge and successful legit company. It’s a multilevel marketing business, sometimes referred to as network marketing. I often tell people who are on the fence about becoming coaches to check out these books. They helped me when I first started:

Do you really make money doing this?

If coaches didn’t make good money doing it, I’m certain there would be way less coaches out there.

What’s the point of having the coach?

As mentioned above, a coach gives you support, guidance, and helps you stick to your program. A good coach offers extras as a bonus over and above the programs.

Why can’t I just buy the program on ebay or online somewhere?

You can, but you won’t get any support and you have no recourse if something is wrong with the DVD or anything. You’re also not able to get the bundle discounts (program+shakeology) and products that you can get going through a coach. (On a side note, I encourage people to never buy shakeology second hand especially since people sell expired shakeology online)

Why can’t I just buy the program from the infomercial on TV?

You totally can, but you are automatically given a coach at random. Not all coaches are created equal. #noshade #sadbuttrue Some don’t run challenge groups, or offer support of any kind to clients. If you want support and guidance, encouragement, tips, meal plans etc, you’ll want to choose your coach. (click here to choose me, homey!)

Which program works fastest?

OK So I think I’m probably not supposed to answer this question… but I’ll tell you this…. 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme have had very significant results for everyone who’s stuck to it…. and because it’s only 21 days long, most people stick to it. It has a very “easy button” diet to follow as well as 3o minute workouts so it’s easy to stick to.

MORE Q&A Coming Soon below…..

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