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Ask Believe Receive!

How to Manifest Exactly What You Want In Life (And Biz!)

This course will help you get clear on your desires and allow them to manifest with greater ease than ever before.

If you want to make your desires reality without “tricks” that don’t really work, or stressing about doing the manifesting thing “right” then you’ll love this minicourse!

You’ll get unstuck, clear on your real desires, learn how to attract faster and long term, versus one-and-done manifesting with long lulls in between.

The tools, techniques and info in this course will work for you even if you’ve tried other manifesting techniques in the past with no luck. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what you want yet, and even if you have had trouble being consistent in the past.

If you want to TRULY learn how to manifest, get aligned and stay that way to have continuous manifestations and allow manifesting to be your natural way of life, then this course is perfect for you.

When I first learned about manifesting back in 2003, I thought it just took thinking about a desire and waiting for it to magically appear. Over the years I learned what really brings the magic of manifesting, and how to keep it going. How to really BE the person who manifests with ease.

If you’re doing things like the 5×55 method, or 2 cup trick, and wondering why you aren’t getting what you want…you’ll want to enroll today. No need wasting more time on “quick fix” tools that keep you stagnant.

Commit today to shifting your energy and mindset and opening up to the powerful manifestor within you.

The course is only $222 and covers:

  • How to get clear on what you truly want to manifest
  • Techniques to bring your desires into vision
  • Mindset and inner work shifts to clear space for you to manifest
  • How to have “quick wins” in manifesting and how to make it last long term
  • Techniques to open you up for faster manifesting
  • How to harness your energy for manifesting on repeat


Is this course beginner-friendly?

Yes. This course is great for beginners. It assumes you know what manifesting is in general and have a bit of a background, but main terms are explained clearly. There isn’t anything a beginner can’t do. Experienced manifestors will learn a lot too!

How long is the course?

The class is broken down into multiple bite-sized video modules. (The longest one is 20 minutes) You have open access to the material so you can complete it as quickly or as slowly as you wish.

What do I need for this class?

The only thing you need is internet access and a willingness to learn. Other than that, you may want to have a way to take notes if that’s your style. Everything is provided for you, so you don’t need anything extra to get results from this course.

What is the refund policy?

Once you purchase the class you have immediate access to the entire course content videos, audios, and PDF downloads, and it is yours for life. Because of this, I’m unable to offer refunds for the course.

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