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This and More By 34


Why stop at 30 before 30?

I turned 33 on September 10th and I intend to have everything on this list checked off by September 9th, 2015.

Some of these items are things I wanted to do last year but crapped out on. Some are new goals for my new place in life.

  • Move to Florida

  • Get Driver’s License and fix up my dad’s old car to take to FL

  • Get into the best shape of my life

  • Get laser hair removal and invisalign treatment

  • Have a thriving legit business: blogging/vlogging, coaching and writing (+ speaking?! gulp!)

  • Save $XXXXX (to savings for Roey and Kaya, and travel fund)

  • Buy my first home

  • Be a published author (e-book counts! hehehe)

  • Have a stronger, more loving and more connected marriage

  • Have completed my first speaking engagement at a conference (or somewhere else)

  • Travel to BB Summit, and a blogging conference, and an anniversary trip paying in cash from BB earnings

  • Be featured somehow (writer, interviewed, profiled, quoted) in online and print publications

  • Renew my vows with John during our 5th anniversary vacation

  • Publish an ebook

  • Do a race / physical competition -obstacle course race perhaps?- of some sort

  • Start growing my hair out to donate again (get to shoulder length by bday)

  • Get credentials to move my fitness business forward

  • Get a new tattoo (or 2)

That’s a mighty big year.

Let’s see how I make out!

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Random Thoughts on Thursday - Ok, Dani

Thursday 4th of September 2014

[…] To Be By 33 […]

Daphne Michelle Eble-Beczynski

Tuesday 11th of February 2014

Wow these are ambitious but they inspire me to make a list of my own:-)


Saturday 28th of December 2013

Same Bday!! yay

Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady

Saturday 19th of January 2013

I like this list Lady! I'm an 81 baby too! Good luck with these. I think it's awesome that you donate your hair.


Saturday 19th of January 2013

Thanks! Wahoo for 81 babies :)


Monday 24th of September 2012

Hello, today is my first time at your blog and I really enjoyed going through it. My favorite part was the ABOUT YOU. I love that you help women follow their dreams. I have an inner motivation to do the same thing. It's going to great getting to know you! Enjoy your day.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.