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25 Life Changing Books for Kids

I shared the life changing books for you to read in 2019 and how the personal development books helped turn my life around. One of my greatest wishes was that I learned it earlier in life. Because of this, I shared what I learned with my brother and he had a grip on mindset work, spirituality, law of attraction and the quantum world at large and more from an early age.

In my attempts to be an intentional parent, I aim to teach these lessons to my children as well. With our two little ones, John and I are approaching things in our different ways. He goes in the science door, and I go in the spirituality and magic door. Both of our approaches lead the kids toward ascension, which is ultimately what matters.

If you want to teach your kids about spirituality, productivity, mindset, woo woo stuff, or just bolster their self image/self worth and teach them about this amazing universe, here are a few books to put on their reading list.

For little kids:



Law of Attraction

The late, great spiritual teacher and author, Wayne Dyer wrote many children’s books as well on similar subjects as his adult personal development books:

I suggest any books on mindfulness, yoga, breathwork and handling big emotions for this age range too. These have helped my uber-active Rohan (6) calm down a bit…kinda..sorta…alilbit.

For Tweens:

For Teens:

These are teenified versions of adult self help classics:

Moms, if you haven’t read the grown-up version of the books listed directly above, I highly suggest them. Jack Canfield’s Success Principles is huge, but really transformative if you let it be.

This is just a handful. of options to get you started. Take a browse around and you’ll find so many books to help your little on or teen or tween get on a personal development path that is positive and healthy.

And let’s be 1000% clear here, it doesn’t matter your faith or who/what/if you worship, the lessons here are universal and are present in any religious book you currently use to guide your life and are just as valid if you choose no religion at all.

As parents we tend to read books to our kids about various characteristics like honesty, responsibility, empathy, etc or books to teach them about a subject. I say we also read them books (or have them read books on their own) that begin to open their minds to more of the universe and how to feel good and win in it as well.

Any books to add to this list?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.