Wordless Wednesday: Randoms…

the kids

I love getting shots of these two together. Don’t ask me why Kaya’s bare foot on the dirty driveway.

invisalign consult

Guess who’s getting Invisalign!!

my next house

Remember how I manifested my current house? Well, I put this house from around the corner on my vision board now…. I’m gunna need these people to invite me in for coffee so I can see what the inside of my future house looks like 🙂

happy birthday husband

Staying true to low-carb-ness, we got a no sugar added cheesecake for John’s actual birthday… Publix came through like the Wu! It was tasty!!

kaya that good sleep

Kaya will be a cirque du soleil performer one day with her bendy self.

Do your kids sleep in the weirdest positions?

Too bad she’s got no personality:


We had a brief bug infestation this weekend…

insect boy

I finally decided on my paint colors and started to make this house a home…

my painter

What do you think of the color?

The internet lies to me, and I love them for it 🙂


::dusts young ass shoulders off::

Have you tried How-Old.net?

Oh yeah, and my daughter’s a genius 🙂

Happy Hump Day!


  1. says

    Screw that how old am I site. Had me as an old ass man. Hmph!!! But I’m loving the pics and especially the Christmas jammies lol. Mo loves drawing bugs and animals so it’s been like one big zoo up in here -_-

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