Wordless Wednesday

thanksgiving family 2015

So…I love this pic. (It’s old news to you if we are friends on instagram.) We snapped it real quick in the restaurant parking lot on Thanksgiving (yes, our family did a restaurant this year…I was hoping to do one for Christmas too but…no such luck.) So I love it for 3 reasons. 1) I finally got us color coordinated for an event and got photographic proof; 2) doesn’t it look like that is Rohan’s big ol’ hand on my shoulder, and not Johns. hahah and 3) Everyone’s looking at the camera!!

moms and biz blab show still okdani

How cute are we though? Me, My Blab Show co-host, Daphne, up top, and The designers of the Visionary Journal and the Thrive Biz Planner down below.  That’s a still from our last show. Oh, don’t forget to register for our Live Workshop happening tomorrow at 7pm eastern!

rohan haircut

Guess who got a big boy haircut the other day! He looks so old to me now. I need those floppy curls to hang around and keep him looking cherubic and baby-like. When we were done he told me he was a grown up. I had to swallow down my cry. ::sniff::

kaya trouble

This little girl is trouble. My lil dolly.

kaya pose okdani

Why is she so Jamaican with this pose though? I say “say cheese!” and I never know what I’m going to get from either of these two.

volcano rohan okdani

Rohan’s so obsessed with volcanoes these days so John made him one. I told him the story of how I climbed a volcano and he was in awe. Then I dug through my FB vids and showed him the video I took of the flowing lava… I was officially the coolest mom ever in his eyes… for about 5 minutes.

I should be working….decided to productively procrastinate by popping up an unplanned blog post. Could be worse. ::shrug::


  1. says

    Love it!!! I’m all for eating out on the holidays. Shoot…no mess and someone else does all the work! And I love the pics of the little babies!!! <3

  2. Julie Wood says

    Your children are so adorable, and the picture of you and your family is very nice. I like taking family photos too and it is great to look at the pictures over the years.

  3. shelly peterson says

    With kids and picture taking you never know hat you’re going to get, they can be silly, cranky or on occasion give you a perfect shot. Love your family photo. Thanks for sharing these great pics!

  4. Laura S says

    Your kids are so cute! It’s so hard to get a good family photo when you’ve got a couple of kids, someone always seems to be moving or eyes closed or grumpy.

  5. Trish F says

    What a handsome family and your children are adorable. Enjoy them because before you know it you’ll look back and can’t believe how fast the time went.

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