Why Do You Blog?


I blog for a variety of reasons

  • Because I love it. I just enjoy writing and entertaining, it’s fun for me
  • To have a creative outlet that also brings in money
  • Because owning a business was a huge goal
  • To educate, inform, help and inspire subtly on topics I care about (wellness, motherhood, hair, lifestyle at large, travel, fitness, and the law of attraction etc…)
  • To share who I am, what I love, my life and family and connect in a larger way
  • Narcissism. There’s a slight touch of narcissism in every blogger. (Others may deny it, but it’s true!)

I’ve gotten emails so full of love and appreciation that make me feel like there’s no way I can stop blogging, cuz this lil place on the web is changing lives for the better!! (Yes I get the hate-filled emails too, but nobody cares about those fools.)

When I started blogging it was to share my journey, nobody was reading, I didn’t care, I still wrote. It was a hobby. People cared about growing natural hair, and wanted to send me free conditioner!? Hell yes! Then I realized I could earn money, and even a living with this… and it was on.

I had no idea I’d make real life mommy friends through this bloggy world, but it’s an awesome byproduct!


I asked a few other mom bloggers to chime in as to why they blog, and their answers are below.

Go visit them when you get a chance! Tell em Dani sent ya 🙂

www.msjkristina.com. — I blog because I like writing and being able to express myself. I hope to inspire and entertain others.

http://theposhblog.com — I blog because I love to share and socialize.

www.sanaabrooks.com — I blog because I love writing and I use it as an outlet to share my thoughts on things that interest me.

http://www.mommyweek.com — I blog because I seek to inspire and share the things that I love.

www.mimicutelips.com — I started blogging because I wanted an identity outside of just being a Mom.

www.lifewithtanay.com — I blog as a hobby and so I have something to look back on. I also blog to connect with other bloggers/mommies who I have things in common with.

http://www.stylishlydecadent.com/ — I blog because I love to connect with people that I would not normally get a chance to talk and build with. I love sharing information and insights in topics that normally are not talked about.

www.mymommyflies.com — I blog to share my travel experiences and to inspire other families.  I also wanted to have something that was my own and belonged to  me. My blog is my sacred space.  I love crafting and designing it and getting rewarded for my work.  It’s very fulfilling.

http://www.frugalflirtynfab.com/ — I blog because I enjoy showing women how we can be Frugal Flirty N Fab in our, Personal, Professional, and Home lives without Breaking the bank!

http://blog.nicolewilliamspr.com — I blog so I can profit from my passion, and so I can have the luxury of being present for the important moments in my kid’s life.

onehautemommi.com — I blog because I want to change the face of Motherhood. I want Mothers to be inspired to not only be great mothers but to find their own purpose in life.

Johannasmama.com — I blog to share with other women the reality of being a mom. Not just the pretty stuff, but the fears and frustration as well. I blog to show that mom’s can still be sexy and enjoy life. I blog to show the reality of motherhood.

Http://www.brownmediamama.com — I blog because reading blogs got me through post partum depression and now getting me through the mourning of my husband and I could only hope my blog lifts someone’s spirit as it does mine.

www.teamfitmommy.com — I blog to share my experiences and to encourage other women to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle in hopes that they will encourage their families to do the same.

http://www.BritneyDearest.com — I blog because I’m passionate about encouraging other ladies and sharing useful information.  I genuinely enjoy blogging. I was inspired by faithfully reading other “mommy” blogs for a few years before making the decision to start my own.

Why do YOU blog?


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    I started blogging as a way to talk about my frustrations and journey after being diagnosed with PCOS. It turned into my daily discovery of a natural health lifestyle that could help put my body in gear to have a healthy baby one day—and to just be the best me possible.

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    I started to blog because I’ve always loved writing and blogging was a way to express myself and learn how to let others in. It’s also an added bonus to inspire people.

    Love your blog!

    XO |EESH

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    Absolutely LOVE this article. I gotta start connecting with my fellow bloggers! There are so many of us doin’ it big! Especially my sistas = )

    Why Do I Blog?

    I’m a very outspoken and opinionated woman. I’ve spent my childhood and adolescent years expressing my mind through pens, papers and journals. Things I am passionate about at most. In my adult years, after experiencing much dead ends, I decided to take action about the things I am most passionate about, and that is hip-hop culture.

    I noticed the lack of potency, accuracy and quality in today’s hip-hop journalism. There are many legends to be told and legacies that need lifting. I overall made a decision to become a journalist and start on the blogging tip. My goal is to revolutionize Hip-Hip journalism and add organic respect to the culture.

    That is why I blog.

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    This is a great post. I started blogging as a way to connect with people because most of the day I am home alone with no one but myself to talk to and I was frustrated about not finding employment. I also love to write. Getting paid for it became important later.

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